Blogging isn’t as easy as writing a post and hitting “publish”- that’s because after you’ve published your content you also need to get people to read it. 

When I first started this blog I’d publish my posts and that would be it. I had no idea how to grow my audience. I just hoped that eventually, my potential readers would just “find” me.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve received quite a few emails from other bloggers asking questions about growing a blog, building an audience and increasing traffic- basically getting people to read your blog. In today’s post, I’m sharing a few ways that have helped me do those things.


Pinterest and Facebook send me a ton of traffic. Pinterest alone refers thousands of new visitors to my blog, on weekly basis- some of my posts got re-pinned over 10 thousand times, which is great for my traffic. But what does “shareable content” mean? It means creating content that is somehow helpful to your readers. If they find it helpful or useful in some way, they’re much more likely to share it with others, pin it for future reference or bookmark it. You also need to make sure that your content can be easily shared with others- installing “share” buttons like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook is crucial.


I noticed that my traffic started to grow substantially once I started posting more frequently. Other than being mentioned on a different blog, someone’s Facebook page or being featured in a newsletter (like Bloglovin’), posting more frequently brought me some of the largest traffic spikes I’ve experienced so far. Writing more will not only keep your readers coming back, but it’s also great for bringing organic search traffic to your blog- Google gives higher priority to websites with new and fresh content.


As your audience grows, responding to each and every comment can be a bit overwhelming. It usually takes me a few days to catch up with comments on my blog and that’s because I like to return a favor and visit, comment and interact with other bloggers who stop by my blog. If I notice that someone has a question, then I always try to respond right away. This lets you build a relationship with your audience and grow your blog’s community. I really can’t stand it when I visit someone’s blog, ask a question and don’t get a response. When this happens, I usually don’t return to that blog, and it certainly discourages me from leaving a comment. Commenting is not just about “plugging in” your blog link- they should always be meaningful and bring some value to the conversation.


Your blog design should be easy to navigate. When I visit a blog for the first time, one of the first things I want to know is the blogger’s name- so make sure that it’s visible somewhere right away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog and couldn’t find the person’s name anywhere. I also noticed that my “About” page started to get a lot more hits ever since I added an author picture on my home page- which is something that I should have done from the get-go, I know…. If you have several categories on your blog, make sure that it’s easy to navigate through those as well. If you want people to comment, you also have to make it easy for them to do so- several months a go I switched from WordPress to Disqus and I love it. I’m getting a lot less spam comments and don’t have to moderate them anymore- which saves me a ton of time.


If you write on regular basis, chances are that you’ve published quite a few posts. An easy and simple way to drive some traffic to those old posts, is by doing a “Roundup” post and linking to older content. This is exactly what I did in my Best of Thirteen Thoughts- my 50 Most Popular Blogposts. I also love doing monthly Roundups, where I talk about and link to posts published past month.


Reference your older content whenever it’s appropriate. Re-share it on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. Some of the most popular posts on my blog, are ones that I’ve published years a go. They still continue to bring me traffic, on regular basis (mostly from Pinterest). If you want to know how to drive traffic to your old blog posts, make sure to check out this post.


Be consistent and stay patient. Most of the emails I receive say “I’ve been blogging for x amount of time, but it seems like no one’s reading my blog. What am I doing wrong?” Truth is,  growing your blog is a lot of work, but one thing that will definitely help you is being consistent- with your content, images, posting schedule. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new things-it means that you should pay attention to things like your analytics. Which posts are most popular? What type of content does your audience seem to enjoy the most? Unless you get extremely lucky, chances are your blog will not go from 1000 to 500k monthly page views overnight, this is why it’s important to stay patient.

What are some of your favorite ways to grow traffic and promote content? I’d love to know!

Edit: A lot of you guys seem to be really interested in Pinterest, I already talked about growing your blog with Pinterest right here. Also, if you’re interested in joining my Group Board for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers, follow me on Pinterest and shoot me an email with your Pinterest link at paula[at]

  • These are really great tips and they are really useful! Thank you!

    Jemima x

  • Loving these tips, I need to be sure to follow them. I need to start promoting old posts but I never really know how.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  • As a new blogger, these tips are very helpful. I should add my name somewhere on the website and maybe add an about page.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • I definitely need to start using Pinterest more! My blog views seem to go up every month but it’s very steady as I’m not doing anything massively different! Comments are my favourite way to grow my audience!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  • I need to start using Pinterest to grow my audience, I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but i never get around to actually do it! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • The Sunday Mode

    Some brilliant tips here, there’s definitely a lot of things I’d like to improve on with my own blog but I’m just doing things one at a time, trying to keep content consistent as I go :)

  • Victoria Reilly

    I’ve recently started to try much harder with this. I’m trying to be much more consistent, put myself out there a little more and I’ve noticed a huge difference. I love keeping these kind of posts saved.

    Victoria | dearvictoria

  • Thank you for these tips! There are still so many things to learn when it comes to blogging. For now, I really enjoy writing and photographing stuffs for my blog!

    Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

    • You’re so welcome Miriam! Photography is definitely one of the things I enjoy the most about blogging, too!

  • These tips were so helpful! I’ve been trying to grow my own traffic for my blog for some time now and I’m finally seeing some spikes for a fairly new blog. Thanks for the tips!

  • Ohh, thanks for taking the time to write this for us Paula! I appreciate it. I love the idea of doing roundups to increase traffic. I’ll have to start adding that into my content, great suggestion!

  • I love these tips especially to use more Pinterest! Thank you for sharing!

  • Josie

    These are great tips! We all know we should blog for ourselves most of all etc, but of course we want people to actually read it! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • Great post, always looking for new tips to grow my blog! I’ve definitely noticed a difference when you use social media to put yourself out there, I just need to learn how to use Pinterest properly haha

  • Laura Mareno

    Really awesome post! I’m starting my blog so this helps me a lot! kisses:D

  • Ah I agree with all of these topics. Trying to make sure I’m more consistent with my posts for 2016 and that the content is actually of that people want to read!

    Diana xx |

    • You also have to make sure that you’re enjoy what you’re writing, too :) I think that the readers can definitely tell when something is written without passion. I’m sure you’ll do great!

  • Being consistent is definitely important, even though it might be kinda hard. it is something I am working on. I’ve never thought about posting monthly roundups, it sounds like a good idea. Before I’ve started blogging, I had my personal Pinterest where some of the pins I shared got over 1000 pins, however now I can’t seem to make them appear anywhere (like related pins), so I wonder what I am doing wrong. Also choosing a category for the pin boards is one of the hard things. Which category do you choose for blog related posts like this one?

    Ela BellaWorld

    • There isn’t an ideal category for blogging (hopefully this will change soon) but my Blogging Tips board on Pinterest is filed under “Design” category.

  • Growing a blog definitely takes time, patience and being consistent unless you’re extremely lucky and got lots of traffic overnight. I need to work more on Pinterest but still haven’t got the bug yet :) I’m thoroughly enjoying Instagram though but this platform doesn’t seem to increase my blog traffic at all. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • The problem with Instagram is that you can’t track your referrals, unless you create a separate blog page for it. This means that when someone clicks on your bio link on Instagram, it won’t show as an Instagram referral in your stats, so you can’t tell how many and if Instagram is sending visits.

  • Consistency. Yep! Like the Roundup idea a lot!

  • Elle Linton

    Love the round up idea! I’ve done it a couple times before – not sure why I haven’t done it more often!

  • I’ve been blogging since 2014, but it seems like no one’s reading my blog. My mistake was, I thought the reader would just came along and visited, so that mine couldn’t grow yet. Consistency is the point.

    Dayu, Fairytale Odyssey

    • I’ve made the same mistake at the beginning! I think that consistency is only one of few important things here. When it comes to growing your blog, there isn’t only one thing you should focus on, there are many more and they all work together. :)

  • Blogging would be sooo much easier if people just magically found our blogs right? :)
    Blogging consistently has been one of the best things for me, and something I’m trying to keep steady. Last year was so… crappy that I would go like a month without posting or would only post 1-2 a week. Now, it’s so much easier to post 4-5 times a week.

    Commenting and replying is also really important. I don’t care how popular a blogger is, if they don’t ever at least reply to my comments then I unfollow.

    I really need to start using Pinterest again to share my posts…love this post!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • Ahh I know, wouldn’t that be perfect? I’m the same way with commenting! I really don’t like it when popular bloggers don’t respond to genuine comments, although I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be. Takes me 3 days to catch up on my comments lol. By the time I’m done publishing one post, I’m already writing a next one haha ;)

      • OMG, replying to comments takes so long! For my book blog, we get about 40-60 comments per post so replying takes a few hours. I also think it’s an important part of blogging though, I like getting to know people through comments!

        • I know, right? I’m the same way, I feel like it’s a great way to connect to your audience and get to know them!

  • Thanks for the great tips. Still working on growing my blog traffic. These tips will help.

  • Thank for the great tips. Just a two month old blog and now glad that I found this post so early on. BTW it would be great if I can get a few pointers from you on my blog design at

  • Thank you for these tips! I’m still pretty new to blogging so it’s always helpful to hear different ways to be more successful! xo

    McKenzie |

  • Great tips! I totally agree with the comment/respond to comment. I know that sometimes life gets in the way and we can get pretty busy, but it’s just good manners to respond back. I’m pretty big on that.

  • These are really helpful tips! Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate it!

  • Nancy Kirkpatrick

    Great tips. I’ve been inconsistent in my first year, but I love writing and photography so decided to blog more and consistently this year. Seeing that tip really resonated. Thank you.
    Question: re Pinterest, I make all my images “Pinnable”. Is that what you mean by using Pinterest?
    Question: how do you track traffic? And how to get subscribers? A LIKE on FB page is not considered in traffic stats, I’ve found. And people don’t seem to want to subscribe on email, especially since the subscribe feature on a mobile device ends up at the very end and they don’t typically scroll that far.
    Nancy Kirkpatrick

    • Thanks Nancy! To answer your first question, no. Making them pinnable is not what I mean by using Pinterest. You also have to make sure you pin your own images and focus on growing your Pinterest account as well. When you do that, the more followers you get, the chances of your images/pins/blogposts getting shared/re-pinned are much larger. I actually have a blog post on growing your blog with Pinterest, you can find it right here: To answer your second question, the best and most accurate way to track traffic and see how people find your blog/website, is by creating a Google Analytics account. You can always ask your readers to subscribe to your mailing list at the end of each post, but once your traffic picks up, you will notice that your subscriber list goes up, too.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    These tips are super helpful! I do have a little question, though… How do I make the Pinterest share button point to a blog post rather just the whole blog? I have a custom template, and the Pinterest button seems to point to myblog/x rather than that given post. When you click on it, it just asks you to choose a pin from all the images on the website. I tried to Google this but really couldn’t find a solution! :( x Thanks in advance. x


    • Thanks so much Kay! Are you on Blogger? Because I only have experience with WordPress and for Pinterest buttons, I just use a plugin, so I’m not sure how that would work with Blogger. I don’t think it’s a problem at all though, because when I click on your individual post, and then click the Pin it button, I can share images from that individual post only, so you’re good. I wouldn’t look at that as a problem at all!

      • Kay (shoesandglitter)

        Thanks, darling! And yes, I am on Blogger. I had a couple of readers point out to me before that when they tried sharing my posts, the share buttons were linked to the home page rather than a specific article. But I think that’s because they were trying to share from the home page directly? Anyway, I recently started inserting a jump link in my posts so that should fix that, and you’re right, the share buttons work fine if you’re on the individual post page. :) Thanks so much, hun, you are always really helpful! <3 x

        • No problem Kay, anytime!:) Yes, that’s correct! if they try to share it from the home page, then that’s where the pin will be linked to.

  • Sahra

    love this! and they totally work <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  • Round up posts are such a great idea. I definitely think I’m going to implement this in future.

    Rachel |

  • Wonderful tips! I never thought about connecting with others on Pinterest to promote my blog.


  • Vanessa Pinheiro

    Great post. This was really helpful! I would just like to know how many post per week you think would be the best for someone that is just starting😘

    • Thanks Vanessa! I think it depends on your schedule and how much free time you have. Start wherever you feel comfortable and make sure you’re having fun, because once blogging becomes a chore and you lose your passion, it’ll show in your posts. Maybe try 3 a week, and see how it goes.

  • This is fantastic! Thank you so much for writing honest, actionable content :)! I’m definitely going to do some roundups down the road and have added putting an author widget on my sidebar to my to-do list. Do you mind me asking which one you use?

  • This is a great list, thank you!

  • My best traffic source is commenting on other blogs I follow. I get a lot of views and subscribers simply by interacting with other blogs I already know I love to read. If you are a consistent and dedicated comment-er on any certain blog, that blog’s viewers will see you over and over again, and then become curious about what you are writing about.
    Keep in mind, I don’t comment just to comment… I comment with purpose and ask questions, remark on my favorite part of the post & why, etc. etc.
    To make a long story short… interact with blogs you love to read and you will see at least a small boost in your blog’s traffic!

  • One last thought… engage with other people that have commented on a blog post you’ve read. Reply to their questions and thoughts in order to build a relationship with additional like-minded people :)

  • Wonderful post! I just recently started a blog at towards the middle of January, so everything in the world of blogging is extremely new to me right now. This post really helps solidify the fact that I am on the right path to gain more followers; it’s just a matter of being patient and steadfast while remaining true to myself and creating worthwhile content. Thank you for the insight!

    xoxo – Lindsey

  • I think your post is right on in stressing the amount of work is really is to generate a good, well read blog. It takes daily discipline and many people simply don’t know how to write well nor have the inclination to learn it. There are a number of really excellent books on the market to help with that – one I found especially helpful is Janice (Ginny) Redish’s book, Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works.

  • Thanks for the great tips. Consistency, yes, it does work!

  • Thank you so much for the tips, they are very helpful.

  • I’ve done A LOT of research on blogging, growing your audience, and everything social media, and this has to be one of the best articles on the topic I’ve read so far! Thank you for making it so simple to understand, and sharing strategies that work with us!

    You have a new loyal reader :)

  • Loved reading this, so useful! I’ve noticed people come to my blog mostly for foundation reviews, this just fuels my addiction, LOL! ;) xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • Chernise Yvette

    Good info.! Shared & saving.

  • What a great read, I’m trying to be more consistent as to when I post over on my blog rather than a month going by with no new post, I still have a lot to learn to make sure that my posts are shareable and give value to readers.. I agree people think that blogging is easy but it does take a great deal work to even make some ground in the blogging world.

    Ange xx |

    • Thanks so much Angela! You definitely learn a lot more things as you go, just remember to have fun with it! ;)

  • This is a great post! Thank you for sharing, I’ve tried to do what you said on my blog. Hopefully I’d be able to attract readers in the long run! :)

    • You’re so welcome Renee, thanks for visiting! I’m sure you’ll do great, just remember to stay patient ;)

  • These are some excellent tips! I would like to build on something like this for a post on my own.

  • Paula, thank you for sharing these tips. I did not think that sharing the author’s name and picture and the “About” page was all that important at all. It is on my to do list now!
    And thank you for encouraging your fellow bloggers to be consistent and patient! It does take a lot of will power and a little encouragement is very appreciated.

    I love your photos too! Heading over to your photography section now.


    • You’re so welcome Tanya! It definitely takes time to grow audience and I know how discouraged I myself used to fee. Now that I have built this little community and have made so many friends through blogging I’m so happy that I didn’t give up and it’s one of the reasons why I love sharing these posts! :)

  • That’s really hepful. It’s kind of you for sharing those tips.
    Ps. I love your profile picture :)

  • Totally agree! Specially with the part that it takes time to actually get anything back from blogging.



  • Susan

    Paula, Thank you for the great information; there is a lot to consider when blogging and all information is appreciated. Susan

  • Nikola Hessová

    Another great article :)! My favourite way to grow traffic is post new blog post../ a new blog post?..sounds stupid :D…/ on Facebook – it works great for me. It´s like BUM! and audience grow. Also when our czech bloggers page featured me some days ago, my audience grew a lot. Pinterest doesnt seem interesting for czech bloggers :-/ same Twitter. Czech people are just obsessed with Instagram and Facebook.

    • Thanks so much Nikol!! Do you post to your personal Facebook or a blog page? Facebook is big with polish people too! I don’t have a personal account so I only share my posts to my page. Actually, few months a go one czech blogger mentioned me on Facebook and one of my posts (it was a photography one, go figure haha) went insane! I couldn’t figure out who mentioned me, until someone left me a comment and let me know that it was Kissbook by Mia :) Are you familiar with her blog? I thought it was so sweet of her to mention me! She sent thousands of referrals, which I thought was pretty awesome! :)

      • Nikola Hessová

        I have a blog page on Facebook and have only about 500 fans there now. But I would say that it grows faster in time, more than IG. :) Oh, of course, I know Mia. She is one of the most popular young happy lifestyle blogger here. :) She works under Elite Bloggers media company, which representing the top-selection of Czech bloggers. So you are a really lucky girl, if she mentioned you :-* On IG you can find her as Misadoxanska… Paula, you are awesome and you deserve more. You should have millions of followers! :) I know, I´ve been saying it for many times, but it is true! You really helped me out with many things. Enjoy your weekend :-*

        • Aww seriously Nikol you are the sweetest!! I’m so happy that some of my blog posts have been helpful to you! Thank you for always being so supportive!!!! :* :* <3 <3

  • Heather Rasmus

    Hi Paula, thanks so much for breaking it down for us newbies. I’m a brand new blogger of I have a question regarding photos. I have the necessary share buttons however, I can’t figure out how to make my photos enlarge if a reader wants to get a better look at my photo? I’m using wordpress and I was wondering if there was a specific plug-in for this. I would also welcome any constructive critique of my blog whenever you have the time. Thanks so much! Heather

    • Hey there Heather! I think that might depend on your theme/layout. I think that when you post an image, you might be able to link it to the url page where it’s stored, but I’m not sure how it would work when trying to enlarge them. Do you usually resize your images when adding them to a post?

  • Brittany Shockley

    Great post! I just recently started blogging. Very new to it all! Your blog is my go-to blog to look up ways to help me improve and gain more experience and understanding! My biggest problem is patience. I want to be good at something right now haha But, I know in this area, it just takes time. So, I’m working on my patience. Thanks for all the good advice! :)


    • Aww so happy to hear that Brittany, thank you! Oh I know the struggle haha :) Just make sure you’re having fun with it!

  • Eunice Abe
  • Great advice . I’m just starting out and getting more traffic is ver frustrating specially when i still don’t have many content , hopefully my blog will grow with these advices.

  • Such great tips! I’ve been working hard to publish 4x a week instead of 2x/week and it has definitely helped increase my traffic! Plus when you’re publishing more frequently you have more to share across your social platforms without getting repetitive. I think that’s made the biggest difference so far.

    xx Jesica

  • CJ

    The roundups thing. I thought that people (who read my blog regularly) wouldn’t read that but I get it. I get unique visitors too and I realize that monthly roundups help for new visitors:)

    Cj | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  • Thanks for sharing! :3