Easy shrimp & guacamole

done shrimp

Who doesn’t love shrimp? I was always afraid of raw sea food, and my experience with shrimp went as far as buying cooked and peeled shrimp that were “ready to eat” and serving them with jarred cocktail sauce. When I finally got over my fear of touching all things raw and made shrimp “from the scratch”, they came out so good that frozen cooked shrimp are no longer allowed in my house:)

For the shrimp:

1.75 lbs of raw shrimp, peeled

lime zest

two tablespoons of olive oil

For the Guacamole:


two limes (juiced)

one chili pepper

one red onion

one tomato (I love kumato tomatoes, the very dark red ones)

After the shrimp are peeled and cleaned, zest one lime and add olive oil. Mix and let marinate.

shrimprawshrimp zestshrimp zest oil

In the mean time, cube the avocado add lime juice and mix together. The lime juice will keep the avocado from turning brown.

avo avo n lime

Add chopped red onion to the avocado, cubed tomato and chopped chili pepper. For extra spicy flavor, do not discard the chili pepper seeds, I left just a few as chili peppers already have a good kick to them as it is. (also when handling the chili pepper, use gloves if you have any cuts on you hands, and avoid touching your face: it will burn!)

Mix everything together, salt and pepper to taste and your guacamole is ready. You can refrigerate it until ready to use.

chili avo n tomaonion guac aklmost

Grill the shrimp on a grilling pan (or simply fry) without adding any extra oil. Shrimp cook very quickly, only two or three minutes per each side.

shrimp ready

chili sauce


Serve with guacamole. I also love to double dip the shrimp in guacamole and my homemade sweet and sour chili sauce.