5 Things to Tell Yourself When Feeling Down

Your dog ate your favorite pair of shoes. Your date with that cute guy didn’t go as planned. You failed an important test. Things at work are falling apart. The thing about life is that not everything always goes as you planned. Here are five things to tell yourself when life gets the best of you. 


There is something very influential behind the words “I am“. Whenever you say to yourself “I am..”, what follows is powerful, whatever follows is an affirmation. Do you ever find yourself thinking “I am so stupid for doing that“, “I am so tired of all of this”, “I am not good enough“. From now on, whenever you say “I am“, especially when feeling down or upset, tell yourself how wonderful and unique you are. Do your best not to compare yourself to others. We all have something very different to offer to the world. There are billions of people on this Earth, but there is only one YOU. Think about that for a second. Feel special yet?


Everyone has them. We all sometimes spend hours or even days ruminating on the negative things in our lives and then, we usually get upset for being so negative. Learn to forgive your negative thoughts, rather than beating yourself up for falling off the “positivity bandwagon”. Instead of trying to stop negative thoughts from occurring, start noticing the good things in your life. So things didn’t go too good at work today, maybe one of your co-workers said something to you that made you want to punch them in the face (am I the only one who feels like this sometimes? I already regret admitting this.) but hey, at least you have a job and that sorta comes in handy when in comes to paying your bills, doesn’t it? Always look at the bright side.


This I borrowed from wonderful Louise Hay. How many times do we find ourselves saying “I will be happy when I get a better job“; “I will be happy when I find love“; “I will be happy when I move out of my parents’ house“; “I will be happy when I lose those last five pounds“. Seriously, if you keep saying things like this to yourself, you will spend your whole life searching for that happiness. Be happy now, love yourself right now. Keep telling yourself “I accept myself unconditionally, right now“.  Not when you fit into your skinny jeans again, RIGHT NOW. Look in the mirror and say it again. And again. Every day, until you finally believe it.



I have a friend who recently changed jobs. She was, understandably, scared of such a big change in her life, but deep down she knew that it was a good decision for both her and her family. After few weeks at her new job she’s a completely different person. She works with nicest people who constantly motivate her to do better, she’s excited to go to work each day and always has a smile on her face. When visiting her family, her sister asked about her new job. Full of excitement she went on to say how happy and fulfilled she feels now and even mentioned that she was recognized at a staff meeting for doing so well. Her sister looked at her and said “Don’t be so ambitious now, no one likes a suck-up. You doing so well may not be a good thing at all”. My friend felt her excitement wear down, until it finally disappeared. I was listening to this story in disbelief. Because of what her sister said, she started feeling doubtful about her decision. Regardless of what your friends or family may think, you usually know what’s best for you. If it feels right, if it sets your soul on fire, if it makes you excited, joyful, happy, then go for it. Trust yourself and your inner wisdom, even if those close to you don’t trust your decisions.


Sometimes things spin out of control. Sometimes you find yourself opening your eyes in the morning and wanting to close them again and maybe wanting not have to wake up for a few days. People will disappoint you, not everything will always go your way, but believe me when I say that you are in complete charge of your life. You are in charge of your attitude, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. When you were a baby, trying to learn how to walk, you stood up and fell down hundreds of times. Yet it never occurred to you to stop trying. Same applies to your life now. You may not have control over things or people who bring you down sometimes, but it’s up to you to stand up again. You are in complete charge of your life.


  • i LOVE this post. its always nice to have a little reminder of things you know you should be doing, but sometimes forget. I try to look at the bright side of everything! I am currently teaching english in thailand and I don’t love it, but its given me the opportunity to live in and explore a beautiful country, something that I definitely don’t take for granted!

    Thanks for this post!


    • Thank you so much Taylor! Wow that sounds pretty awesome! I think we all sometimes do things we don’t particularly enjoy, but I’m so happy that you’re looking at the bright side of things! That’s an awesome attitude to have!

  • This will be great for a down day so I’ve saved it :-)


  • I loved this post so much, thank you for sharing! I just found your blog today & wanted to tell you it’s absolutely beautiful. I especially like these girl talk posts, can’t wait to read more of them :) Hope you’re having a lovely day x

    Sara / aboutlittlethiings.blogspot.com

  • This is so helpful, I’m having such a down day and this has helped!

    jenna | Beauty And The Style

  • missgetaway

    Oh thank you so much. You just made my day. <3

    Love, Kerstin

  • Eleanor Hughes

    This is a lovely post, definitely all things we need to tell ourselves more often

    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  • Such helpful tips! Thanks for this :)

  • Biana Perez

    These are all so powerful and positive – I definitely need to be better about this! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • This is just what I needed to read, so thank you! xx

  • You always have such great inspirational posts Paula. I love the third one a lot. I have been focusing a lot on being an overall better and healthier person, and although I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of my weight, I’m still not where I want to be, but that’s okay because I’m happy right now anyway :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • Aww thanks so much Nereyda!! It’s definitely a process and as long as you enjoy the ride, it’s all good. I still have some days when I feel shitty, but then I just give myself a little break, and keep going ;)

  • I need to tell myself these 5 things, every day. HA! I try to stay positive, but you know, that’s not the easiest thing in the world, seriously. ~ Lalanii.com

  • Such a motivational post! It’s exactly what I need right now.

    Lizzie Bee | mysticthorn.com

  • Oh my goodness, I cannot thank you enough for this post. I haven’t been feeling quite myself at the moment but I will be taking this tips on board, thanks ♥


  • This is such an inspirational post, I love how positive you are!


  • Oh yes, I wish I had a small child’s determination now :) I am definitely guilty of not believing in myself and being negative far too often. Need to work on it as living positive life is so much happier. Thank you for another motivational post, Paula! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • You are a really inspiring person. Accept yourself is so important because we have ourselves for life right? so we might as well love ourselves. And the last one is totally right, we tend to rely sometimes in other people and we think they have the power to control our happiness and our lifes but they don’t. Thanks for remind us that!


  • You never fail to inspire me and make me feel a bit better with your words, such a fantastic post and one that I will keep reading when I feel down. These affirmations are just the best x

    Beauty with charm

  • Totally agree with Aline! Seriously after reading your post, all I could see is how bad I let myself down, so no wonder why I am always negative. When we learn to love ourselves and be happy about who we are, then everything will get better. Thanks for this amazing post, Paula! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  • The Sunday Mode

    I love these affirmations, and just when I thought I couldn’t admire your blog more, you mentioned Louise Hay. I listen to one of her nighttime meditation tapes every night while I sleep, I’ve been listening to it since I was around 13 actually!


  • This is such a great post! You’re always so inspiring!


  • Yesss I love these! I am always trying to be more positive since I’ve noticed my negativity towards myself only hurts me and makes things worse. Another thing I like to do is say “I will” instead of “i wish/want.” So instead of saying “I wish I had this skill,” I’ll be like “I will work on strengthening this skill,” etc so you’re more likely to work for it and accomplish it and be more positive about attaining it if that makes sense!
    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Yes!! I do the same thing with “if” and “when” haha :) Instead of doubting myself and saying “if” I just say “when” I taught everyone I know to do the same thing haha :)

  • Love the tips. The last paragraph is especially inspiring. You’re right. It never did occur to us to stop trying. That’s definitely something to keep in mind on those tough days. I’m not the most positive person, but I’ve been trying lately. It’s nice to come across an article like this and be reminded of the positives. :)

    • Aw thanks so much Lisa!! It definitely isn’t easy, but once you get in that positive mindset, every little negative thought will start bothering you to the point when you just chose to let it go.

  • SavBanav

    I love these sorts of posts that you write- I like writing some of these things down in my little journal every day. It helps so much to remind yourself about all of the good things in life, especially after a hard day. I love it. :)

    Savannah xx

  • Can I just say your blog is possibly the best one I’ve ever followed? Whenever I need photography tips and inspiration I click on your blog, whenever you post something related to self-confidence and motivation I always read it sooner or later because I know it will make me feel instantly better! These last few weeks haven’t been easy and this is all I needed to read right now because I need to believe in myself just like everybody needs it :) Thank you for being so inspirational! <3 xx


    • Aw wow thank you Rita, that is so sweet of you to say! I hope you’re doing a lot better now, remember that you’re wonderful!!

  • These are all very inspirational. That said, I think I need more something along the lines of ‘it’s okay to let go of control’. Usually it’s self-imposed pressure that gets me down.

  • This is a lovely inspirational post. Accepting yourself can take a while, but saying it out loud can really help. Thanks for a lovely read :)
    – Ambar x

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    What inspirational reminders, thanks for posting these
    ~ Eme

  • It is so important to try to be happy NOW, otherwise, as you said, we will probably never be. I also find it particularly inspiring when you say to go for anything that feels right and exciting, regardless of what other people might think.

  • Naz Lewis

    thank you, just perfect!

  • Zara

    I love your blog! It brings a burst of positivity to my life each and every day. Thank you for such positive and inspiring articles!

  • I was really intrigued on how we should trust our inner wisdom. If you and you only find something you love and get excited about whilst the others around don’t, then who cares? We aren’t on this planet for long so do what YOU want to do! Love this piece!

  • Poppy Folland-Booth

    I love this post, it was so inspirational! Especially the part about being happy now, not when x happens. That’s something I need to work on.


  • I love this post so much – thank you! I think it’s so easy to fall into negativity, I’m so excited to change up areas of my life. I know I’m already getting criticism for the choices I’m making but they’re right for me! Xx