The Regimen regimen reviewWhen my skin was at its worse few years ago and I was forced to go on birth control to stop my acne, I would spent hours at a time on forums. I would read reviews, others’ experiences with acne, etc. Being the genius that I am, I never thought of trying out the regimen, created by Dan Kern, the founder of

I finally decided to give the regimen a try after many, many recommendations. I’m currently two weeks into using it. The whole regimen revolves around using a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment in large amounts along with a gentle cleanser and a very rich moisturizer. The regimen products can also be substituted with drugstore products and Dan actually recommends specific ones right here.

Here’s the overview of the products:

1. Cleanser. cleanserThis cleanser is very much like my favorite Cetaphil: fragrance free and gentle. There is a specific way that is suggested to using this: first splashing your face with warm water, then lathering up the product and gently washing your face for 10 seconds or less.

2. Treatment. treatment reviewThis is the whole key to this routine. The treatment is supposed to be spread evenly and very gently on the skin and left to absorb. I currently only use this treatment at night, I think it’s way too drying on my skin (at least for now) to use it in the morning. I might start using this in the mornings once my skin gets used to it a little more.

3. Moisturizer. moisturizerThis has to be one of the best moisturizers I’ve used. It’s very rich but at the same time it feels light and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and it’s fragrance-free. On those days when my skin feels extra dry from the treatment, I add few drops of 100% argan oil to the moisturizer.

Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve used the regimen for exactly two weeks and so far so good. My skin actually wasn’t in a bad shape, I’ve had a few breakouts, but mostly I’m battling acne marks/scars. Once in a blue moon I’ll experience a breakout galore when my skin goes nuts.

Right now I’m still waiting to see any major improvements. My skin is extremely dry at the moment and I started getting few blemishes in places where I don’t usually get them, but they go away just after few days. I will do an update in two weeks or so.

To see an update on my skin, see this post.