Bad Skin Day Must-Have

Eve Lom Rescue MaskHaving an acne-prone skin, I’ve tried tons of “rescue” and “emergency” skincare products over the years. Face masks, spot treatments, creams, lotions, overnight treatments, etc. Some were better than others, none were as impressive as Eve Lom Rescue Mask.

I bought this mask a few weeks before I was put on the tretinoin treatment, when my skin was still extremely oily and mostly clear with an exception of few hormonal breakouts that I get once a month. I’ve used it for the first time on the same day I got it and all I had to say the next day was “WOW”. My congested, red and puffy skin felt smooth and few active breakouts that I’ve had seemed to have healed overnight.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask is a clay-based mask that reminds me a bit of DDF’s Sulfur Therapeutic Mak that I used to use all the time. It has similar tightening/tingling feeling on my skin and even the scent seems a bit familiar. Rescue Mask contains cooling Camphor that helps to decongest the skin, Kaolin which absorbs excess oil while reducing redness and puffiness and Honey that helps to soften and condition the skin. Ground almonds also gently exfoliate the skin and help achieve smooth, vibrant complexion.

The texture of this mask is a bit unusual, it’s sort of mud-water like. Before use, you need to shake the tube for a bit as the product does separate. Apply on dry skin after cleansing, over an entire face, leave for about 20 minutes and gently rub off using a moist wash cloth. I always look forward to using this mask because it’s one of those awesome products that actually lets you see some instant results.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask review

If you have oily, stressed, breakout prone and congested skin, you need to try this mask. Even though Eve Lom says that this mask is also moisturizing, I definitely recommend that you stay away if you have dry skin. This mask is a great pick-me-up and a bad-skin-day must have for anyone that experiences occasional breakouts and has very oily skin. This mask comes in two sizes a 1.6 oz tube ($50.00) and 3.3 oz ($85) jar. I was just about to buy it from Sephora, when I noticed that Eve Lom sells the 1.6 oz tube on Amazon for $36.00 right here,