Be Present: How to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

I’m here right now, but I can’t wait to be someplace else. Whether you realize it or not, that right there is something you tell yourself all the time. Truth is, being in the present moment isn’t always fun. You’re washing the dishes, but you’re thinking about other things you still need to get done. You’re thinking about finally going to bed, maybe watching a movie, finishing that book you’re reading or doing some window shopping online. Why? Because washing dishes isn’t fun. There are other, fun places and things you’d rather be doing right now. The thing is, there are so many other “fun” things to look forward to, that this present moment, whether you’re stuck in traffic, doing laundry or lying on the couch, just doesn’t seem worthy enough to have your undivided attention.┬áSo, you reach for your phone, your laptop, or you get lost in thoughts of your future or past. You have all these thoughts “attacking” you- sort of like a radio that’s playing just a bit too loud for you to concentrate. See, there’s this amazing thing that happens when you start being kind to this present moment- you become happier. And it’s been scientifically … Continue reading Be Present: How to Practice Mindfulness Every Day