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Hydration boost: watermelon-lime-coconut refresher

Watermelon Lime Coconut Refresher

Every single year, right around this time, people start saying this one thing that drives me insane: “oh.. you know, so… Summer’s coming to end.” I simply refuse to acknowledge that we’re almost midway through August. This is why today I’m sharing a super simple, delicious and very summery recipe for a Watermelon-Lime-Coconut Refresher. The temperatures are still high, but it’s not like you need an excuse to enjoy this coconut water-based drink that’s great for your skin, facilitates digestion…

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The Body Book.

I’ve always liked Cameron Diaz and since I’m passionate about nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle, I knew that I had to get my hands on her book written with Sandra Bark: The Body Book: the law of hunger, the science of strength, and other ways to love your amazing body. In it, Diaz talks about everything from nourishment, how our kidneys work to vagina and poop. Really.…

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Watermelon-Cucumber Mint Water

Spring. It’s finally here! Although I do have to say that yesterday felt more like Summer. We’ve spent all day sitting outside, doing some yard work and relaxing in our backyard. Just sitting there with my eyes closed, letting the sun rays hit my skin, I felt so grateful. Grateful for this beautiful nature, the sun, the wind, the trees, the birds that were chirping all day long, all those things that we very often take for granted. Even our…

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