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The Body Book.

I’ve always liked Cameron Diaz and since I’m passionate about nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle, I knew that I had to get my hands on her book written with Sandra Bark: The Body Book: the law of hunger, the…

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Watermelon-Cucumber Mint Water

Spring. It’s finally here! Although I do have to say that yesterday felt more like Summer. We’ve spent all day sitting outside, doing some yard work and relaxing in our backyard. Just sitting there with my eyes closed, letting…

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Almond meal banana bread

Almond meal banana bread Yesterday I made banana bread for the very first time.  I had a rough and very emotional day  (don’t ever let idiots put you in a bad mood) and nothing relaxes me more than cooking.…

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The perfect lunch

I love making (and eating) salads; they just look so healthy, colorful and “alive”. I always look for different ways to mix up my salads, I never go by any recipe, just sort of throw together whatever produce I…

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Green Sandwich

I love sandwiches. When I was little, warm, fresh rye bread with butter, tomato and a little bit of salt was my favorite thing to eat. I don’t really eat butter anymore, but I found something better: avocado.…