Fall Makeup: The 5 Product Face


What is your go-to look during these fall months? I love focusing on lips. In case you couldn’t tell.

As much as I love makeup, I don’t always feel like my face can handle A LOT of makeup at once. Yes, few times a year I’ll go HAM and apply a half of my collection’s worth of makeup on my face, most of the time I like to keep things minimal. Say… 6-7 products or less? I mean, wearing natural-looking falsies is still considered minimal, right? RIGHT!?

I am loooooving the Superbalanced Silk Makeup from Clinique* right now (as if you couldn’t tell) so that’s what I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks. It’s also what I used for this post. Gives nice coverage and works so well with my combo skin. I cheated a little and also used my favorite powder form Laura Mercier, (should have made this a 6-product face :P ) because after I stopped taking my antibiotics, my skin is back to its oily-self (it’s worse than Professor Snape’s hair, tbh). Brows are ABH Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate.

I just got the new Maybelline Push Up Falsies Angel mascara and OMG I’m in love. The brush bristles are so short and cool, it really helps to separate the lashes very nicely. So good for lower lashes, too! I actually also used some of the mascara as an eyeliner, as well, to fill up the space between my real lashes and the falsies (I dipped my eyeliner brush in the mascara for this). Speaking of falsies…


I mentioned this little gadget, Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator* a few weeks ago right here and promised that I’ll give you my thoughts on it after I test it out. This little tool is a false lash dispenser and applicator that is supposed to make applying individual falsies a breeze. This video will give you an idea of how this cute lash dispenser works. Flirt Cosmetics (Estée Lauder Company) had a brilliant idea when coming up with this product. I love that the lashes are already inside and all you need to do is scroll up to dispense them. I really like the lashes themselves too- here I’m wearing 4-5 clumps on each eye but I love applying just two in my outer corner for a more natural look.

The lashes all come in the same size, which means that they don’t look best when applied near the inner corner. This applicator is also supposed to make applying individual lashes easier- which, it does, to some degree (e.g the lashes are already stored in the applicator and are secure while applying and drying the glue). However, it did take me a few tries to get a hang of it, eventually I gave up and ended up using my favorite tweezers. I wear falsies all the time and had problems getting used to this applicator, so I can imagine that anyone who’s a newbie would have a hard time using this. The lash gun also isn’t re-fillable, which means that once you’re done, you’re done. Love the concept, but it definitely needs some work. The good news is, Flirt Cosmetics is working on both: having different lengths of lashes available and making the lash gun refillable. Yay!


I used my beloved Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Flesh and Fantasy, both on my eyes and cheeks. I like to think of it as Aden filter, irl. I used the darker part of the compact on my lower lash line and crease and the light side all over my lid and inner corner.

For my lips, I used my new Chanel lippie in Rouge Audace. Gorgeous color and formula, but it’s definitely a little patchy on me, even though I exfoliated and prepped my lips right before applying it. I love the shade, but lip primer and a lip liner are definitely a must with this one. I also find that applying it with a lip brush works best.


*PR Samples/Gifted Items