MAC Strobe Cream: an absolute must-have

MAC strobe cream reviewEver dreamed of getting that stunning, J.Lo glow? Well look no further!

I imagine that by now, pretty much everyone is familiar with MAC’s Strobe Cream. Am I right? I might be late to the party, but still felt the need to rave about this godsend of a product. Being a total beauty product junkie I thought I’ve tried it all, but nope, I was wrong. MAC’s Strobe Cream- a product that’s already earned itself a cult status- doesn’t only give the skin that healthy, dewy glow, but it’s also a very well-formulated moisturizer that’s great for your skin.

MAC strobe cream

Strobe Cream is powered with potent botanicals and packed with antioxidants that are scientifically documented to benefit the skin. My usually overly oily skin is quite dry at the moment and each time I apply Strobe Cream on my face, I feel it bring instant relief and see immediate difference in my skin’s appearance. It becomes brighter, glow-y, softer- all without looking overly shiny. As with a lot of things related to makeup, less is more here -especially for us, oily girls. You can use a tiny dab for a subtle glow, or use more for an all-over iridescent boost. I usually like using this under my foundation, but it can also be used on top of it as a highlight, or mixed with together with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.

MAC strobe cream how to use

I absolutely love the rich, creamy formula and a subtle scent of this cream. It’s the ultimate quick-fix, pick-me-up product and what’s really cool about is that it not only makes your skin look great, but it’s also actually a good moisturizer that will help you keep your skin healthy.

Did you guys try Strobe Cream? Any of you love it as much as I do?

  • I usually hate dewy skin because I have really oily skin, but I’ve been getting really into it lately… Will try this product ! Have you heard about the Body Shop Primer Moisturise It ? it pretty much looks a lot like the product you describe ! :)


  • I know exactly what you mean! You can still get that subtle glow without looking overly oily though ;) I haven’t tried Body Shop Primer Moisture, will have to check it out!

  • Kate

    You had me at J-Lo glow! This stuff sounds incredible! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Hehe ;) It really is!

  • Wow, this product is amazing. ^^
    Have a nice weekend…

  • I’m a beauty product lover as well and I had forgotten that I bought this last year until I read your post. I’ll have to dig it out and start using it again. I really loved it when I used it last because I like a dewy look on my normally dryish skin. Perhaps this is a sign for me to not buy so much stuff. I’ve got about 50 new products bookmarked to buy in the near future. I think an edit is due soon.

    • Haha ;) I know exactly how that feels, happens to me all the time!

  • Mac strobe cream totally reminds me of the days when I first discovered blogs/youtube, such a cult product. Great review lovely, looks and sounds amazing :)


    • It definitely is! Thanks so much Ellie!

  • Have you done a review on the new Neutrogena Hydroboost? Everyone seems to love it and said its a great product to have?

    • No I haven’t tried Neutrogena’s Hydroboost, sorry! I decided to skip it,because it contains only a small amount of hydraluronic acid which is supposed to be the main ingredient that provides the so-called “hydroboost” to the skin.

  • Oh this looks amazing, I need this in my life.. Sucker for lit-from-within-sort-of-a-glow… Things just keep adding onto my wish list ..

    Samie|| Beauty detour

  • I bought this ages ago but have hardly use it, I will definitely pull it out and try mixing it with my foundation, I do love a bit of glow haha ;)
    xxx Claire

  • rebecca

    *adds to cart* haha :) I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, and FINALLY I’m glad I’ve found it x