NYX Cosmetics: Wonder Pencil & Lip Primer

Nyx wonder pencil in light review

NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil and Lip Primer are both a recent discovery and my favorite lip products of the moment. It’s no secret that I’m a huge lipstick lover-anything that claims to help improve my application, making it smooth and even-has got attention.

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NYX Wonder Pencil is a lot more than just a lip liner: it conceals and brightens as well. Whenever I’m in a hurry and my lipstick application is far from perfect (this, for some reason happens a lot more with red lipsticks than any others) it feathers out, bleeds, or is simply uneven, instead or reaching for a concealer and a brush I just use the Wonder Pencil to fix and neutralize any mistakes. Wonder Pencil is also great to use to highlight the brows or apply on the waterline to make the eyes appear brighter.  Most days, I wear very minimal makeup to work, on my eyes I only use mascara and I always line my waterline with a nude, creamy liner and lately I’ve been reaching out for this pencil a lot more than my beloved Rimmel Scandal Eyes  Nude Kohl liner. While I still love the Rimmel liner, I think that the Wonder Pencil has a formula that is a lot more creamy. Mine is in the shade light.

NYX cosmetics wonder pencil light swatch

NYX Lip Primer is the only “stick” primer that I’ve tried so far. It works great by creating perfect canvas for lipstick application, it evens out the tone and smooths out the texture. It also leaves sort of a very slightly sticky/waxy film on the lips which makes the lipstick adhere much easier and last longer. Mine is in the shade Deep Nude, and I didn’t take a swatch picture simply because it has a very nude/transparent color. One thing that I do have to note, however, is that this product does not work very good on lips that are severely dry. If you have dry lips but want to make this work for you, I’d GENTLY exfoliate the lips and dab a tiny bit of lip balm prior to applying the primer (Rosebud balms are still my favorite).

nyx cosmetics lip primer deep nude

On a different note, I’m feeling much better today than I did few days ago, thanks to everyone who has left a kind comment on my last post <3 .

  • My lips are a bit on the dry side but I like the idea of this, I’ve never used a lip primer before! :O

  • Lip Primer sounds interesting! NYX is a great brand too and the nude liner seems great!


    • Thanks Puja, I love NYX as well, it’s one cosmetic company that rarely disappoints!

  • So glad to hear you’re feeling better my love <3 <3

    Your NYX Wonder Pencil sounds like an absolute dream to apply and use, rarely do I wear red lipstick but when I do I agree it's the worse for bleeding and leaves me with those awful 'vampish' marks on my upper lip that Dracula would be proud of :D ;) ;)

    A lip primer sounds really interesting too, I've not tried one before! It's a fab tip about exfoliating and using balm, I get very dry lips all the time so I'm definitely going to be trying out your idea if and when I do purchase a lip primer :D

    Those white roses so SO stunning!! :D Bet they look gorgeous against your Urban Jungle shade! ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • Thank you Sophie <3
      Hahaha, yes red lipstick, though beautiful, is so difficult to apply and stay on once it is applied haha ;)
      Thank you, they're actually fake, but they make for a great photography prop ;)

  • I have tried NYX lipstick before and its colour is so omg long-lasting! (I used shocking pick though) However, I would love to try this product you’re recommending too! <3

    • I love shocking pink, I actually featured it on the blog before :) NYX lipsticks (especially the Matte collection) are amongst my favorite!

  • The lip primer sounds interesting! I’ve never tried anything from NYX before but I always read fab reviews x

    Josie’s Journal

  • Im a lousy lipstick user, always afraid that it will spread all over my face since I’m quite often accidentally touching my face :D. Maybe the primer would do the trick. I’ve never tried NYX but I know they sell it here. I might give it a try. And Paula, I must say your pics look so great ever since you bought the new cam!

    x Marjaana

    • I know exactly what you mean ;) I love wearing lipstick, but sometimes it just gets everywhere haha ;)

      Thanks so much Marjaana! It always makes me so happy when someone compliments my pictures! :) :)

  • I’ve never tried or really seen a lip primer before, would love to give it a go though, especially if it’ll help my lipstick stay put a little longer :) xx

  • i was actually thinking about trying their lip liners, definitely will now!

  • Both products look amazing, espacially the lip primer. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
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