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Chanel’s Taboo nail polish has got to be one of the most beautiful nail polish colors that I have ever seen/used. It’s truly magical and looks like a whole galaxy of stars, dark matter, dust and stellar remnants in a single bottle.

taboo chanel

The beauty of this polish cannot be translated through these photos and these Taboo polish swatches certainly do not do it justice. It’s a gorgeous, hypnotic, deep wine-toned purple with shifting iridescent shimmer that changes depending upon the light source. It reflects colors of purple, copper red, eggplant and burgundy. It’s probably one of the most opaque polishes that I have used recently, only one coat was enough to provide an amazing coverage, however, I did apply two. Call it a force of habit :) .  I also tried out my new Seche Vite top coat nail polish and I have to say that I love it!

chanel taboo swatch

Taboo is my first nail polish by Chanel and I don’t think that I could have picked a better “first”. I also own a few Dior polishes, and as you can imagine they’re all a bit pricey (Taboo was $27.00 and I found it at Nordstrom). I remember the very first “high-end” or “designer” (however you want to call it) nail polish: it was Nude Charnelle by Dior. Being the genius that I am, I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, how to open the bottle. I honestly thought that there is some secret formula to those fancy nail polishes. Instead of pulling the lid up and then twisting the cap of the applicator open, I was convinced that the applicator is attached to the cap. I was twisting it and twisting it until I finally gave up and asked Mark to help me. When he pulled the lid up instead of twisting it, I started laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants. I am brilliant, indeed.

chanel taboo nail color swatch

I do have to say that this nail polish does not look exactly the same when applied as it does in the bottle, but I love it nonetheless. It’s still a very gorgeous and most definitely unique and uber sexy color. It reminds me a little of Essie’s Sexy Divide. It has a rich and creamy formula and I love the fact that the color changes ever so slightly whenever I’m outside in the day light or when I’m indoors.

What do you guys think?

  • Oh my, that nail varnish is stunning! I never have the time to paint my nails (being in the lab all the time and all) but that is stunning. If it ever becomes reasonable for me to buy high-end nail varnishes I would go straight to Chanel. They have so many amazing colours and I want to many!

    Rachael at

    • This one really is unique, isn’t it? :)

  • Andrea

    Amazing color just perfect for the fall!

  • Kate

    What a stunningly beautiful colour! I clearly need this for the Autumn. I had to laugh when you talked about trying to figure out how to open the bottle… I did exactly the same when I first got a Chanel polish!

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Haha :D:D Thankfully I didn’t have this problem with this one as I already knew how to “handle it” LOL. But I just laughed at the memory of when I first tried Dior polishes hehe :)

  • I love Chanel nail polishes, this one is really fab!


  • I adore your blog! It is wonderful! cheers! xoxo

    • Thank you so much Lizzie!

  • Wow, just wow. What an amazing and beautiful nailpolish! It has such a stunning color, I’m in love with it for sure!


    • Thanks so much Melissa!

  • Oh my that colour is gorgeous, I am in love. Those twinkles hiding under the surface are amazing.
    Your nails are amazing by the way, I wish mine looked that healthy, But I can never grow mine being on a computer all day, so it falsies for me :(
    I had the same problem with the one Chanel polish I used (I borrowed it, not felt flush enough to buy my own) I just couldnt figure out the lid, you need an engineering degree :)

    Gems x

    • Thank you so much Gems! I’m on the computer all day as well at work so I know the pain! I take supplements to help nail growth and strength, otherwise they turn very brittle and soft.

      Haha, glad to know I’m not the only one who had that problem haha ;) Just felt so silly, you know? Hehe

  • Im in love with that color is gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks Steffanie!

  • Ali

    That color is absolutely gorgeous! How long did the Chanel polish last before it started chipping?

    • Hey Ali, I’m still wearing it on my nails, it’s been about 4 days and so far it hasn’t chipped.

  • Such a lovely classy deep shade.

  • jade

    Came across your Blog I would just like to say that your blog is amazing..I love the design and the pictures.. Just amazing

    If you have a minute please come over to my Blog leave a comment if you would…. it would mean a lot

    have a lovely day.. Keep up the good work

    Jade :D

  • Love this colour! And as it’s been said I could see this being amazing in the fall/ winter time! I don’t own any high end nail polishes but that may change soon!!

    -A | Mirror Mirror

  • Oh my goodness! That color is sooo pretty! I love it! I wonder if there are any good dupes for it.
    Haha! I would have thought you twist the lid off too!

  • That’s such an amazing color!!! But aren’t Chanel nailpolishes really expensive? =X I’m always very sceptic with them xD

    Rosie’s Life

  • I’ve heard good things about this shade, it;s just too pretty! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • This looks gorgeous, so unique! Love Chanel polishes, Pirate is the perfect red x

  • Oh my gosh, God, lord (anyone out there worthy of preaching to) WOW, wow, WOW!! <3
    You couldn't have described Taboo better Paula, it certainly looks just like a whole galaxy of stars in a bottle, how incredible?! Have never seen such spacey nail inspo! Absolutely falling in love with this shade the more I look at your stunning photos! You have such beautifully shaped nails, Chanel polishes (and this shade in absolute particular) were just designed for you, that's definitely the vibe I'm getting looking at your photos! Like you say, what a brilliant first choice, this one is going to be hard to beat but I know you will manage to stylishly and effortlessly do so ;) :D

    Your story is too sweet about opening the polish :D I am exactly the same, always thinking there must be a more complicated way when it comes to those kind of things! I blame the product makers, they like to confuse us 99.9% of the time let's face it haha ;) :D

    Such a wonderful post. As always an amazing insight into another exciting, intriguing product. One that shows how talented you are; or more to the point confirms your status as the nail inspo queen with mighty pride! <3 <3

    Sophie xo

  • wow!♥ this nail polish is really unique! great review!:)

  • That nail vanish is to die for!

    Holley Marie