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Why I Love Getting Older: 7 Reasons Getting Older is Pretty Great

Why I Love Getting Older: 7 Reasons Getting Older is Pretty Great “I can’t die before learning French!” – me, five years ago, in a full-on panic mode, and going through a quarter-life crisis. Despite my panic, I didn’t actually miss being younger. I think that it was the number itself, that freaked me out a bit. More than the number 30, which would seem odd, if it wasn’t for the fact that by 30, I’d learned an important lesson…

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Make it Glow: How to Revive Dull Skin

revive dull skin

What is the first thing you do when you notice your skin looking dull and tired? Clean up your diet? Start drinking more water? Add a new product to your routine? Treat yourself to a facial? Whenever my skin looks a bit dull and, well, sad- it’s pretty much always due to lack of sleep and not drinking enough water. If I travel, change up my routine or don’t manage my stress well, when I’m very busy- it immediately shows…

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The Everyday Makeup Bag

Everyday makeup bag

They say you can find pretty much anything in a woman’s handbag. Well, I wouldn’t say that I carry everything in mine, although that’s not for the lack of trying. One of my friends though, absolutely does have everything in her bag. I mean, she is a mom, so that might explain her superpower of having a very rich inventory that all magically fits into an average-sized, “everyday” handbag. Traveling with her is the best. Need makeup wipes? She’s got…

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10 Things to let go of in 2020


10 Things to let go of in 2020 How do you feel about this past year? Has 2019 been good to you? I hope that it’s been a great year, filled with beautiful memories. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this past year. There have been many wonderful moments, amazing people I’ve met, friends I’ve made, things I’ve learned. But I’ve also experienced loss, once again, and feel like it’s been a bit of a dumpster fire of a year.…

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Winter Self-Care

Winter Self-Care 2019

Winter Self-Care Ideas Officially, it might have just begun, but I’m already so over Winter. You know, juuuust a little bit. I was driving home from work the other day and couldn’t help but think to myself “holy shit this looks so beautiful!” The freezing rain from the night before transformed all the trees into these enormous, fairytale-like crystals that sparkled in the Sun. Then I got home, got out my car and thought “holy shit it’s freezing I can’t…

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