Morning Routine Habits For a Happy + Productive Day

Morning Routine Habits for a Happy Day

Productive, happy days… It’s all in the power of your morning routine habits. The morning sunshine that filters into my bedroom through the blinds is one of the things that instantly put me in a good mood. Coincidentally, leaving my blinds slightly opened and allowing that light to enter the room as the Sun rises, is one of the ways I trick myself into getting out of bed early. Another “trick” I use is to always have a pair of…

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Lovin’ Lately

Remember the days when everyone was obsessed with Kat Von D’s Lolita? MAC’s Whirl? Velvet Teddy? Looking through some of my old beauty posts I can see that the whole “brown 90’s lip color” started around in 2014. It kinda blows my mind because it really does seem like it was not that long ago. I remember places like Sephora couldn’t keep some of those popular colors in stock for longer than a day. I’m not sure if it’s because…

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How to Get Back on Track- 7 Steps to Finding Motivation + Rebuilding Habits

How to get back on track

Once a very clean and healthy eater, you’ve forgotten what a vegetable tastes like. Your plans to switch jobs, which you were once very excited about, have taken a back seat while you try to tell yourself that “things aren’t that bad” and maybe leaving isn’t such a good idea after all. Or, maybe, it’s been so long since you’ve been to the gym that you totally missed the fact that your favorite (and most convenient) location has been closed…

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Sun-Kissed Summer Glow (that’s a bit on the neutral side)

sun-kissed glow

If we’re talking sun-kissed skin, the first thing that comes to mind is that golden summer glow. Even though I do reach for a self-tanner during summer quite often, most of the time I like my summer glow to be a bit on the neutral side. A lot of those glow-inducing products tend to be way too warm and golden for my liking, even when combined with a fake tan. Unless I’m going somewhere where I know there’ll be a…

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7 Small Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life

7 Small Life Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life.

7 Small Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life Making a big change in life can be pretty intimidating. It can also be a source of a lot of stress and even more frustration. With some of those big life changes, results aren’t always immediate. As time goes by, you might experience feelings of self-doubt and irritation. Especially if you find yourself not meeting those high expectations you’ve set for yourself. Thing is, your life really is…

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