Holiday gift guide part 2

Wrapped Christmas Present by sparkling tree. Tinsel effect front and rear..

Who doesn’t like reading books and/or watching movies? When it comes to buying gifts for someone who has a favorite movie or book series, the possibilities are endless: framed posters, movie collection, mugs and even clothing. It’s no secret that I, for instance, love Harry Potter. Amongst the Harry Potter gifts that I received in the past were a beautiful hardcover book set that came in a cool box, a limited edition movie collection, a map of Hogwarts and recently even Hogwarts ornaments (go ahead, call me a fanatic :) ).

Here are some of my gift suggestions:

gift ideas for a book and movie lover

1. White Owl Resin Bookends $42.00
2. Ticket stub diary-such a cool gift for someone who loves to go to the movie theater a lot. $12.00
3. Amazon Kindle-great for reading ebooks, I got one last Christmas and I love it. $119.00
4. Horror movie DVD basket that comes with a movie, and a bucket full of treats. This is a great idea for someone who has a favorite movie or specific genre that they enjoy. (We can create a basket like that on our own, as these cannot be customized. It will give us the freedom to add treats that we specifically know the recipient will enjoy). $34.95
5. Popcorn Bowls for someone who watches a lot of movies at home. $19.00
6. Handmade quote art. $75.00
7. Mark Twain Glass Candle. $19.95
8. Sprout Bookmars. (So adorable, I’m always in need of bookmarks as I misplace them and often read few books at the same time :) ). $7.00
9. Classic Movie Trivia. $19.00
10. “Shh, I’m reading” mug. (I want one!) $9.00
11. Netflix membership. With hundreds of movies and TV Shows, instant stream on phones, TV’s, computers and all the igadgets in addition to super fast Bluray and DVD delivery, Netflix membership is an awesome gift. $7.99-$95.88

I had so much fun creating this post, I hope you enjoyed :)

Paula xxx