L’Oreal Masked Affair

L'Oreal Masked Affair sunlight“Masked Affair” in direct sunlight

Drop everything you’re doing, and head to your local Walgreens, because you NEED this nail polish in your life: “Masked Affair” by L’Oreal.

Seems like with next week’s release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, quite a few beauty companies have jumped on the “Shades of Grey” bandwagon, L’Oreal being one of them. Their Dark Shades of Grey by Color Riche collection seems to be unofficially inspired by the best selling books and an upcoming movie. The collection includes 8 different shades of grey-toned polishes. I picked up three of them: “Masked Affair”, “Power Potion” and “Caution Please”. “Masked Affair” is absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite out of the three. I could not find it anywhere until I finally grabbed a last bottle at my local Walgreens. I could not find this collection any place else, which was a bit frustrating because I really wanted to get my hands on “Masked Affair”.

L'Oreal masked affair nail polish

Even though it looks like it may have rough, glittery texture, “Masked Affair” has a smooth finish/texture. It applies beautifully, has a nice formula, and two coats give a perfect, opaque coverage. It also dries very fast, which I found surprising. This linear holographic silver/grey looks absolutely stunning in direct sunlight, it has pink/purple undertones that shine through when the light hits the surface. ln indirect light, it looks like a light, shimmery grey. This is such a great drugstore find, I can’t stop admiring how gorgeous this nail polish is. Multidimensional colors in this nail polish are incredible and I wish that photos could do this color justice!

L'Oreal Masked Affair“Masked Affair” in indirect light.

l'oeal masked affair with flash“Masked Affair” with flash.

L'Oreal masked affair swatch“Masked Affair” in direct sunlight.

L'Oreal Shades of Grey CollectionL’Oreal “Masked Affair”, “Caution Please” and “Power Potion”.

Two other shades that I picked up weren’t as impressive as “Masked Affair”. “Power Potion” is a grey-navy-black with a satin-like finish. I wasn’t a fan of this finish as I found it to be a bit odd, but it looked gorgeous with a shiny top coat. I also loved the color, it reminded me a bit if Milani’s Ink Spot. Also, I thought that the formula was a bit streaky, but I loved how long-lasting it was.

L'Oreal Power Potion nail polish swatchL’Oreal “Power Potion”

“Caution Please” is a silver grey that looked stunning in the bottle, but once applied I was a bit disappointed with its texture. It was very, very rough and gritty. I liked the color but the texture really threw me off.

L'oreal caution please nail polish swatchL’Oreal “Caution Please”

What do you guys think of “Masked Affair”? It’s pretty stunning, isn’t it?? <3