Out-of-this-world mango coconut smoothie (vegan+dairy-free)

Mango coconut smoothieWhen I say out of this world, I really do mean out-of-this-world. It’s like sunshine in a jar,  warm summer rain, delicious, creamy treat that you can have for breakfast- totally guilt-free. I promise.

This smoothie is ridiculously tasty. It’s thick and creamy, juicy and very filling, yet light at the same time. I’m sipping on this right now, looking out the window, watching the icicles melt, wishing spring would hurry up.

Vegan and dairy free smoothie recipe

Mangoes are not only incredibly delicious, but they’re also packed with antioxidants, have high levels of fiber and are known to improve skin, lower cholesterol and help boost the immune system. To make this smoothie I also used vanilla-flavored cultured coconut milk, which is an awesome dairy-free alternative to regular yogurt (if you can’t eat dairy or are vegan), and organic coconut water that’s packed with electrolytes.

Mango coconut smoothie recipe

Mango-Coconut Smoothie

2 cups of mango (you can use fresh or frozen, I used frozen)
2 bananas (again, you go with both ripe or frozen)
4 cups of organic, coconut water
1 cup of coconut yogurt

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, if it comes out too thick you can add more coconut water. Top of with unsweetened coconut flakes to add a little crunch. This recipe will make three, generous servings.

What I also like to do sometimes is pour my smoothie in ice-cube trays and freeze it. Then, if I happen to make a green smoothie (or any other), I can add some of this mango goodness to it, by throwing a few of those frozen smoothie cubes with my ingredients. It’s like a fun mix-and-match game ;) .

Mango smoothie recipe