Skinny Veggie Pizza

Skinny pizzaToday’s recipe is the first of 2015, so it’s only fitting that it’s a healthy one ;) I made this “skinny” veggie pizza few times these past couple of days and I still didn’t grow tired of it.

A lot of times, we are hesitant about changing our diet to a healthier one in fear of being destined to eat nothing but lettuce and carrots. It’s not true that eating healthy is dull and boring, it’s not true that we can’t indulge once in a while. At home, I mostly cook healthy, but once in a while we do order pizza or sushi on a Saturday night. I still eat ice-cream in the middle of night sometimes (this usually happens when binge-watching TV shows on Netflix… perhaps I should stop that…).  The most important thing is to create a healthy balance.

This year I plan on cleaning up my diet even more. Last year I successfully gave up coffee. Even though I still enjoy a cup here and there (usually on a Sunday morning) it still feels great knowing that I no longer need to drink copious amounts of coffee just to get through the day. In 2015, I’m planning on ditching my “recommended” daily glass of red wine with dinner and only treat myself to a glass of wine or a cocktail during weekends (this might be difficult, being that most of the people I know are, much like myself, wine lovers. It’s sort of like an unspoken rule; you’re coming to visit me, you better bring some Merlot with you, sister! Totally kidding….. or am I?) Moving past my and my friends’ alcoholic tendencies and back to the pizza: you guys need to give this recipe a try. It’s light, crispy and mega delicious.

Healthy pizza recipe


Skinny Veggie Pizza

1 flatbread (I used sandwhich flatbread, you can also use a tortilla) 1/4 avocado 1TBS hummus 1/4 red onion, chopped 1 small tomato, diced few leaves of basil chiffonade 1 thick slice of feta cheese, cubed 2TBS sliced, black olives red pepper flakes

Grill the flatbread on a grilling pan or in the oven. I do this so the flatbread turns firm and nice and crispy. Once your flatbread is slightly grilled, spread the hummus like you would a pizza sauce and top with your veggies and feta cheese. Sprinkle with some red pepper flakes. I also sprinkled mine with some Tabasco, that’s totally optional though.

This little pizza is not only quick and easy to make, but it’s also tasty and very light at the same time.

veggie pizza homemade

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  • Mel

    This looks so good! Thanks for sharing

  • This looks so scrumptious! I will be trying this for a girls night in! x

    • Yay! Thanks Cherie!

  • What a lovely healthy version of a pizza! Looks absolutely delicious and I will definitely be knocking this up for the family :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution & Benefit Giveaway

    • Thanks so much Brenda!

  • OMG! This is so bloody beautiful! *heart eyes* I admire you so much with your healthy eating habits and awesome outlook on lifestyle and food Paula, even more wonderful you gave up coffee last year. Not tea though I hope, hehe :P ;)

    As always the presentation is on-POINT, and you know how I love the creativity and unique vibes you’ve always got going awn with all your recipes love; just when I think you can’t surpass yourself with another new ingredient I haven’t heard of, there you go- BOOM- Tabasco! ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • Aww hehe thanks so much Sophie! You’re the sweetest, always being so kind to me! So happy you liked this post! <3 And of course, tea I will never be able to say no to! Green tea with lots of honey I can't live without! ;)

  • I love your healthy recipes! I always get so inspired to try new kinds of stuff. Welcome, healthier 2015, haha!

  • Joy

    I have seen a few posts with healthier pizzas floating around, but this is the first one I have seen with hummus. Think I will definitely give this a try!

  • Looks delicious! Definitely going to try :) thanks for this idea :)