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When my skin was at its worse few years ago and I was forced to go on birth control to stop my acne, I would spent hours at a time on forums. I would read reviews, others’ experiences with acne, etc. Being the genius that I am, I never thought of trying out the regimen, created by Dan Kern, the founder of I finally decided to give the regimen a try after many, many recommendations. I’m currently two weeks…

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Acne… oh how I despise thee!

In the era where acne treatment industry makes millions of dollars on yearly basis and goes as far as to claim that it “owns” acne, they are yet to find a cure. Of course, the most reasonable thing to do, if you suffer from any skin condition, is to find and visit a good dermatologist who will happily answer all your questions and provide treatment specific to your needs. This can change if you don’t have insurance coverage or your…

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