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Beauty Gifts: When to Splurge + What to Get + How to Save $

Beauty Gifts 2019

Beauty Gifts 2019 The following content contains referral links and or PR/Gifted products (*). Read my disclosure policy for more info. A beauty lover or a makeup enthusiast might seem to be among the easiest people to shop for. There are so many gorgeous kits and beauty gift sets released this time of year, it’s almost overwhelming. At the same time, those who are really into makeup or skincare tend to already have a large collection of products. You also have to…

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How to survive the holiday season (without losing your sh*t)

How to survive the holiday season without going crazy

How to survive the holiday season (without losing your sh*t) A few days ago we were standing in line at the supermarket when I quickly scanned everyone else’s carts (I can get nosy like that) and whispered to Mark: “Why is every other person buying a Turkey already?” “What do you mean, it’s Thanksgiving.” “Well yes, but not for another couple of… oh…” I looked at my phone calendar with slight disbelief. “Yeah, it’s next week.” Well, whaddaya know. This…

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Last Minute Gift Idea: a Self-Care Kit For Someone You Love + How to Create One

Self-Care Kit is something everyone should have. Seriously. Especially those of us who struggle with slowing down and taking some time out, just for ourselves. This year is the first year where we are pretty much done with our gift shopping, weeks before Christmas.  Most of the gifts are already wrapped, sitting under the tree. I won’t lie, it feels good. Much better than wrapping them while also blow-drying your hair when already running late for the Christmas Eve dinner…

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Lifestyle Wellness

5 Signs That it’s Time to Slow Down


For most people, slowing down is the last thing on their mind this time of year. I mean, there is just so much to do, isn’t there? The holidays are coming, it’s the end of the year, the to-do list is ever-growing. But shouldn’t this be the time of year when we slow down, take some time to reflect and make new exciting plans? Well… maybe, but the reality is that with the holiday season and end of the year…

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