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Do your part: Coronavirus + Social Conscience


Do your part: Coronavirus + Social Conscience. Learn how YOUR decisions can SAVE LIVES. About seven weeks ago, I was considering skipping my friend’s birthday party. It won’t be more than 10-12 people, I thought, shouldn’t be too bad. This was before everything was “shut down” and every other word in most conversations was “virus.” I’ve been following international news about coronavirus almost obsessively, since the beginning of the year. My anxiety levels were through the roof. The minute we…

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Living With Anxiety: 9 Ways to Deal With Your Anxious Mind

Living With Anxiety: 9 Ways to Deal With Anxious Mind

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told yourself “stop it!” in hopes that your racing thoughts would slow down. raises hand I’ve had anxiety since I was about 15 years old. There were some bad times, some better times, some horrible times when my anxiety was paired up with crippling depression, and then there were some more good times. For a few solid years, I really felt like my anxiety was under control and I loved NOT being constantly afraid…

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