The smell of Winter

winter and merry cookie mason jar candlesIt’s been ages since I went to an actual Bath & Body Works store, I usually shop online, but on Sunday I noticed that there is a store right next to my local Trader Joe’s and decided to stop by after we got our groceries. I was hoping that they would have their 2 for $20 3 wick candle promotion. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and as I was about to leave I noticed these cute mason jar candles.

merry cookie and winter candles

I bought “Winter” and “Merry cookie”. “Winter” is my favorite candle for this time of the year and it always reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It honestly smells like firewood and snow; it’s very woody and it makes the whole house smell like holidays.  “Merry cookie” is a classic cookie-like candle, or rather cookie-like smelling candle :) It’s almost overly sweet, smells like sugar cookies and is just a very cozy scent.

Bath and body works oils

  I also bought two oils for my oil warmers since I’m almost done with my last bottle. Of course I got one in “Winter”, I just had to. The scent of these oils is so much more intense than the candles alone, just few drops are enough to fill the whole house with the scent. The second oil is in “Sweet pea”, which is also one of my favorite scents and I will never understand why the company discontinued their “Sweet pea” candles.

bbw candlesI probably will have to stop by BBW store again this Sunday or next week to pick up few more candles. This year, we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the first time, with about 15 guests so the house has got to smell good :) I’m actually excited and nervous as well, as I will be doing most of the cooking. Although I must say that it will be my 3rd time making the Thanksgiving turkey and I’m not intimidated by it one bit :) Only thing that I’m afraid of is running out of time, as I am not a very organized person, but I’m hoping everything will turn out great :)

Paula xxx