7 Things to do for your blog today


Do you backup all of your blog content on a regular basis?

How often do you check your posts for broken links? There are so many small, yet potentially significant things and changes you can make for your blog in order to improve it. Things that improve user experience for your audience (like improving/changing your design) or things that make blogging easier for you and bring you a peace of mind (like setting up regular backups or keeping track of all your creative ideas).

Let’s talk about 7 things to do for your blog, TODAY.


Most bloggers are very active on social media and having links to all of your accounts is a must for your blog. One of the first things I do when I come across a new blog, is to check out author’s Instagram account- it always gives me a quick idea of what kind of content I can expect. I can’t tell you how many times I clicked on that Instagram or Twitter icon/link, only to find that it’s broken or links to a wrong account. It’s a good idea to check all of your links once in a while, just to make sure they’re working. Sometimes, you might change your username/handle and forget to update it throughout your blog, sometimes an extra letter or digit might sneak in there, making the link broken. Same thing goes for your blog links you leave in comments- whenever someone new comes and visits my blog, drops a comment- I want to return the favor! BUT, if I click on your link and find that it’s not working- I can’t visit your blog.


Can your readers easily leave a comment on your posts? Make sure that the comment section is visible- you might think this is obvious, but I’ve visited blogs with design where I clearly saw a number of comments, but wasn’t able to leave one myself. Good design and a good system are very important (for instance, you will never see me leave a comment on your blog if you use Google+ I tried to love it, but, just like most of the internet, I can’t). I myself have switched to Disqus a while a go and I have to say that it was a great decision- although I was a bit hesitant at first. My concern was that it requires registration, and I know that not everyone will be up to doing that, but I think that if someone is a regular on your blog, they shouldn’t have a problem with creating an account. Many popular websites use this system now, and ever since I’ve switched, I barely get any spam, whereas before I’d get so many spam comments that I had no choice but to moderate them- which can also be pretty time-consuming. Disqus doesn’t eliminate spam altogether, but it does reduce it significantly. Bottom line is, if you make it easier for your readers to leave a comment, they’ll be more likely to do so.


I didn’t think of doing this until few months a go, when I installed a plugin that made it impossible for me to login to WordPress. First thought that crossed my mind: “shit…. I’ve been hacked“.. second thought that crossed my mind: “shit… when was the last time I backed up all my content?” Think about all those hours and work you put into your blog, all the work you do editing your images, writing your posts, replying to comments- all of it can be gone in an instant. You can use a plugin or a manual backup to secure all content– your blog posts, comments, pages, etc. Make sure to schedule regular backups for your blog.


And if you don’t have one, make one! This is also one of the first things I check out when I visit a new blog. I want to know what your name is, I want to know what your interests are and what you look like. What is your blog all about? Make sure that your “About” page is easy to find- this is something that a lot of new readers usually check out first- and if they get to know a little bit about you and find something they can relate to- chances are, they’ll stick around. I love getting to know the person behind the blog- it always helps me connect to them. If you want to know how to create a killer “about me” page for your blog, check out this post.



Whenever it’s relevant, share the love and link to other blogs. This not only makes your blog posts more useful and informative to your audience, but it can also build relationships. Whenever I see someone link to one of my posts, I always check out their blogs, stop by and leave a comment. This is actually how I “met” quite a few of my blogging friends. Make sure to link to pages and articles that will add value to your post, though- don’t link just for the sake of it.


How many blog posts have you published so far? If you post several times a week, chances are that some of your posts might go unnoticed or don’t really get the attention they deserve. This is why you should maximize your content. Update old blog posts- especially the images. Re-share older content on social media, create round-ups- these things will help you maximize your content. I actually even re-published a few of my blog posts- if there are some posts that you feel particularly proud of, posts which you published when the only people reading your blog were your mom and your cat- you can give them a little face lift and re-publish them. If you want to further maximize your content, I also highly recommend that if you happen to feature a brand in a post, you tag them in your social shares. Brands (especially beauty brands) love sharing blog posts, reviews, images on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, which, in turn, can help earn you some links and drive more traffic to your blog!


You want your readers to share your post on Facebook? Ask them to do so! I think that oftentimes people are more likely to share content, if asked to share it. If you want to really interact with your audience and get them to comment, ask them a question at the end of your posts, ask for their opinion, invite them to join the conversation. Create a call to action. This is something that really helped me engage with my audience- both on my blog and my social media.


I’m sure that there many more small things you can do to improve your blog today- can you guys think of any other ones? I know that keeping a small notebook with me is something that helped me quite a lot with gathering my post ideas and keeping them organized. I also have a small folder where I keep interesting magazine articles or pictures I find inspirational. Whenever I feel stuck, I always go through my little folder where I find tons of inspiration.

Make sure to take a look at the BLOGGING section, for more blog tips!

  • The Gossip Darling

    Omg! Excellent post! I never back up my blog posts. I swear I keep meaning to do it but I haven’t found the time! Eeekkk.

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

  • I am quite stubborn when it comes to leaving comments – but some people make it just so hard! Like if they really really really did not want me to write anything. Really. And since blogging is about sharing opinions (mostly), it just seems so counter productive!

  • This is such a good post! I try to comment on every blog post I read with something meaningful but oh gosh, I’m so bad at finding the time to reply to comments on my own blog! I really need to get better at call to actions too!


    • I know the struggle! Sometimes I jus run out of time and I always feel so bad when I it takes me a while to respond to comments!

  • Very useful post! I always comment on posts, but I am a “starter” with blogging so I have to learn so much!

    • Thanks Darina! I think that when it comes to blogging, you never stop learning. I’ve been doing it for four years and still learn new things almost daily ;)

  • Great tips! I feel the same about the Google+ commenting thing, but I make an exception for a few bloggers lol. I keep notes on my phone, but I also have a notebook around here somewhere. It’s important to keep notes on ideas and such.

    • I deleted my personal Google+ account and only have my youtube one, but for some reason I can’t comment with that one so I just gave up, lol.

  • This post was really helpful, thank you. I definitely need to go through my blog and check for broken links more often, I feel like they are everywhere!

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    • You’re welcome Alice, thank you so much for visiting! Btw, your blog link in the comment seems to be broken haha ;) Just tried to visit your blog by clicking on it and I get an error!

  • Really great post! It’s always such a bummer when somebody leaves a blog link that doesn’t work, since I love checking out the blogs of people who read my blog. I’ve also been thinking of making the move to Disqus with my commenting, since I like the fact that you get to see the answers so easily in one place. xx


  • Such useful tips – I backed up my blog straight away after reading this – the thought of losing all that hard work is scary! :)
    – Ambar x

  • These tips are incredibly helpful! I just started my blog and this really helped me out! Lovely post <3

    Amelia | http://amelia-g.blogspot.com.au/

  • Laura Mareno

    Love these tips! We have to take care of our blog!! kisses:D


  • Thanks for the tips, I need to back up my blog for sure. I don’t have my posts saved anywhere and I need put more content onto my blog too, I feel like I haven’t had much time recently to write more posts.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  • Alexis Joy Walstrom

    Thanks for the helpful tips!
    I’ll definitely be using some of these on my blog, StyleBlog102!
    Check out my blog at http://www.styleblog102.wordpress.com
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions and email them to styleblog102@gmail.com.

  • Thank you for that reminder! I haven’t backed up since August apparently!

  • Great tips ! Very helpful ! <3

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion and beauty blog

  • As always, great tips! I should definitely back up my blog ’cause I literally can’t remember when was the last time I did that…oops :)


  • Great tips! I think I do most of them, except re floating my older content. This is something I should pay more attention to !

  • These are so handy! Thanks
    Jabeen x

  • Phoebida x

    Great, simple but effective tips! I need to update old photos asap! I cringe looking back at some of them from when we first started last year.. haha! :) xx

    Phoebe & Abida | phoebida.blogspot.co.uk

  • Tessa Koller

    I know I don’t comment a lot but I visit your blog daily and every time I do, I am always inspired and motivated. I am trying to add some things to improve my blog like add a blog post slideshow and a linkwithin type thing but oddly enough, I can’t seem to add either! Any suggestions? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, its helped me change things up with my blog.

    Tessa Koller/ fashionfitfunction.blogspot.com

  • Commenting and sharing the love is something I need to start doing more again. I used to be so good at it but since uni took over my life it’s taken a bit of a backseat. I’m trying to find my flow with it all again! I love these type of posts you create!

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

  • This is such a great post, exactly what I was looking for ! Thanks !

  • Brilliant ideas! I didn’t know that people hated commenting via Google+… I really should sort that out. Thanks as always for a lovely post.

    Alexandra / http://www.alyspace.co.uk

  • Great ideas Paula! I will definitely check all of these things with my blog as I tend to be a bit forgetful and clumsy when doing blog audits sometimes… x

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  • Yes, yes, yes! A perfect list.

  • A great post and tips.
    I try to check for broken links once a month, as it’s a good time frame for me.
    I hadn’t thought to check links to all my channels, but may do so now!
    I try to do a good bloglovin read and commenting spree every couple of days. I also make an effort to find new blogs via twitter etc to comment on. :)


  • Thank you for sharing these tips they are rather helpful
    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Robyn Samantha

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I need to back up my blog more often infact i think ill have to go and do it now!
    Robyn | http://robynsamantha.blogspot.co.uk/

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Awesome tips! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  • I used to share links to other blog posts I loved for my weekly recaps and I stopped doing it when life got busy last year. I really want to start doing that again. Great tips, as always!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  • The Sunday Mode

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me with comments as well, I’ve wanted to comment on a post but for the life of me I can’t find the comment form anywhere. It’s so disappointing!


  • Really useful blog post! Thank you! :)
    I too was reluctant to sign up to ‘Disqus’ but have done so to comment on here. I’m still not sure if I should add it to my blog? Does it deter people from commenting? I have read a lot of blogs that I wanted to comment on but didn’t because I didn’t want to sign up for ‘Disqus’.

    Tom x | thatsullivanguy.blogspot.com

    • Thank you, glad you found it useful Tom!

      I was reluctant to do so too, but I’m SO happy I did it- specifically because it saves me time from having to moderate comments. It also gives me an ease to reply to all comments from one place, rather than having to go back to every single post. I also like it when visiting and commenting on other blogs because it saves me time from having to fill in my information every single time (like name, email, website, etc). I think that if someone really wants to join in on the conversation and they’re a regular on your blog, they’ll have no problem signing up. You can always test it out for a couple of weeks and go back to regular comment system (although I see that you’re on Blogger, and I’m not sure if you’d be able to do that without losing your comments).

      • Aww it’s so sweet of you to reply! That’s very true. Hence why I joined because I wanted to comment! ahah. I don’t have enough comments to worry about spam. But it must be so annoying! Get a life you spammers! I’ll keep it in mind and might have to give it a whirl! It’s just easy for me because I’m on blogger and it’s linked to my Google+ page. Although we had some problems with that pesky thing! I deleted all my blog pictures using Google+. My fault though!

        Once again, thank you for replying.

        Tom xx

        • Aww no problem at all Tom!! Haha, see you did join Disqus! :) Yes, spammers definitely need to get a life! Ahhhh I really don’t get along with Google +! I deleted my personal account and I have one for my YouTube channel, but for some reason I can’t comment on blogs with that one. If it works for you now, totally stick to it. Once your blog grows you can always change to Disqus ;) Thanks again for visiting!

  • Omg, this is such a helpful post! I have been debating on switching to Disqus and I think you just pushed me to go for it.


  • Love the advice. I have it book marked!

  • Sabina

    Thank you for a very helpful post – will refer to this in the future. New to blogging, but love learning from you! :)
    Sabina | http://www.IveGotSunshine.com

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  • Great tips! Repurposing my old content isn’t something that I’ve thought of doing until more recently!

    Diana | http://thechicdiary.com/blog/5/5/2016-girlboss-modern-home-office-and-work-space-inspiration

  • very useful! especially the backing up blog post suggestions :) xoxo http://lovejoystyles.com

  • great points that I don’t always think about… updating my photos would really help me feel like my blog is always fresh!

  • Grace Dhliwayo

    Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing

  • Sora Simone

    very informative :)

  • Dia Bianca Lao

    Loved this post! I’ll take note of your suggestions. :)

  • These are great tips! Thanks!


    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  • Good tips for beginners! Thanks much :)

  • I will totally have to check these all off whenever I have some free time!

  • These are such great tips – especially the call to action! I need to implement more of those for my site http://www.busywifebusylife.com

  • Great advice! I can’t remember the last time I backed up my content. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Sarah // safariwithsarah.com

  • BoxLifestyleNYC

    So important to go in and check links. Thanks for all the reminders!

  • Brilliant post. Deffo inspired me to get my arse into gear!

    http://www.makemeupmarie.com x

  • All super great tips, so glad I gave this a read!

    insta | bloglovin’

  • Hi Paula, I have been contemplating switching my comments on my blog to Disqus, but wondering…what happens with all the old comments that have already been posted on your blog? Do they still remain or does it become a blank slate? I don’t want to lose the old comments.

    • When I switched I was able to keep all those comments. Are you on WordPress?

      • Yes! self hosted wordpress. If there’s no danger of losing old comments, I may have to make the switch sooner than later!

        • When I switched I got to keep thousands of comments – you just need to export them from WordPress and import them to Disqus. It took about 24 hours for mine to load. Love that I don’t get nearly as much spam as I used to!

          • Thanks, Paula. One last question! Will the disqus plugin instruct me through the export import process or will I need to Google it before I install the plugin?