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100 things to be thankful for


100-things-to-be-thankful-for100 things to be thankful for

You worry a lot. Sometimes, the stress of “everyday” life gets to you and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Then you might complain a lithe, and whine a little.. but how often do you stop to appreciate those little things in life? The things that make you happy, the things that make you feel good like a great cup of coffee or a long conversation with a close friend?

Here’s a list of 100 things to be thankful for:

1. Your health- because it’s one thing that you should never take for granted.
2. Family.
3. Warm blankets- because they just always come in handy.
4. Scented candles.
5. Dark Chocolate.
6. Online shopping- I mean, hello?
7. Books.
8. Tea- especially green tea.
9. Rainy days- especially those spent cuddled up under a warm blanket.
10. Sweatpants.
11. Running water.
12. Waking up at 4.00am and realizing that you still have a couple of hours of sleep left.
13. Your bed.
14. Freshly baked bread.
15. Wine.
16. Friends.
17. Mom’s (or grandma’s) cooking.
18. Hugs.
19. Music.
20. Heating.
21. Fresh laundry.
22. Solitude.
23. Kind strangers.
24. Face masks.
25. The Sun.
26. Coupons and discounts.
27. Warm sand.
28. Big sweaters.
29. Pinterest.
30. Movies.
31. Avocado toast.
32. Free shipping.
33. Driving on an open road, with no traffic.
34. Harry Potter.
35. Your partner- whether it be your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure they know just how grateful you are to have them in your life.
36. Saturday afternoons.
37. The fact that you can breath, see, hear…
38. Walk, talk and feel.
39. Netflix.
40. Long walks.
41. Hot baths.
42. Your past- because it taught you so much.
43. Your dog.
44. Sleep.
45. Old photographs- who doesn’t love going through those?
46. Sweet potatoes.
47. Arriving on time and…
48. Finding a parking spot right away.
49. Blanket scarves.
50. A comfy couch.

51. Being able to help others.
52. Kittens.
53. Good hair days..
54. And good makeup days.
55. Feeling loved.
56. Giving love.
57. Cuddling.
58. Bonfires.
59. Uncontrollable laughter- the kind that makes your stomach hurt.
60. Dancing.
61. A warm, home-cooked meal.
62. Puppies.
63. Snooze button.
64. At-home DVD workout programs.
65. A cup of really good coffee.
66. Big mugs.
67. Your siblings.
68. Cozy fire on a cold winter day.
69. A good pair of jeans- the kind that makes your butt look really good!
70. A baby’s giggles.
71. Old friendships.
72. Peanut butter.
73. Your laptop.
74. Comfy pijamas.
75. Good, long conversations.
76. Blogs.
77. Friday nights in- just Netflix and chill.
78. Food takeout.
79. Your home.
80. Childhood memories.
81. Soft pillows.
82. Hot showers.
83. A good workout session.
84. Nail polish.
85. Hummus.
86. Your phone.
87. Sunny winter days.
88. Electricity- another thing we often take for granted.
89. Your body.
90. The feeling when you get into your warm bed at night, after having a long day.
91. Art.
92. Weekends.
93. Fresh air.
94. Rainbows- don’t they always make you smile?
95. Grocery stores.
96. Beautiful sunsets.
97. The moon and the stars.
98. Bad days- because they make you appreciate the good ones that much more.
99. Sunday mornings.
100. Your future- all the things you have yet to learn, all the places you have yet to discover.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? What’s a small, “everyday” thing that you feel really thankful for?


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