5 ways to style Converse sneakers

how to style white converse shoes

5 ways to style Converse sneakers

I can’t quite remember when I bought my first pair of Converse shoes, but I do know that I went through many of them. There were, of course, the timeless white high-top Chuck Taylors, the blue ones that at one point I tired to bedazzle (and failed miserably), low top black ones that I wrote all over whenever I was sitting in a classroom, bored.. and I’m pretty sure my brown ones that I got in High School are still hidden somewhere on the bottom of my closet.

converse white low top

white converse sneakers blog

The truth is, I love me some converse sneakers. Not only are they comfortable, but also insanely versatile. Currently I’m alternating between two pairs: classic, low top white and high-top denim Chuck Taylors with gold collar studs.

spiked denim converse shoes

spiked chuck taylors

Since I’m (obviously) not the only who loves Converse sneakers, I decided to share some of my Converse-style inspiration with you.

1. Maxi dress/skirt. I absolutely love how Swedish Blogger Kenza Zouiten styled this casual maxi dress with her white Converse shoes. Even though it’s casual, there’s definitely something cute and sexy about this look.

dress and white converse

2. Leggings. This is one of those outfits that’s super comfortable and quick to put together. Kevita of shewearsfashion.com is rocking plain, black leggings paired with white converses and a cozy baseball jacket. I think that black leggings and white Converse shoes would also look great with a good old plain, white tee.

white converse and leggings

3. Jean shorts and a blazer. Julie of Sincerely, Jules is not only a beautiful and creative, but also an insanely stylish girl. She’s definitely a great inspiration when it comes to pulling off casual and fashionable looks as well as styling Converse sneakers.  Just search her blog for  “converse” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

sincerely, jules

4. Shorts and a cozy sweater. You know those beautiful, late Summer evenings when the weather is still warm, but occasionally surprises with a cool, refreshing breeze? This outfit seems like a great option for those nights. Nicole Levine of frankieheartsfashion.com created this comfy and casual look with jean shorts and a loose, knit sweater.

white converse and shorts

5.  Last, but not least are the boyfriend jeans. I only own one pair of boyfriend jeans, and to be quite honest, I don’t wear them a lot (despite of being super comfy they do absolutely nothing for my butt) but when I do, I usually pair them up with my low top Converses. Source.


Do you guys love your Converse sneakers as much as I do?

  • Converse are so super comfortable and work so well with so many different outfits! I love all of the outfits you have chosen!
    Lovely style, Paula! <3

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  • This post was so lovely to read :D Converse are the bomb, especially for the hotter months! I was never really a fan before I started blogging as I just hadn’t been that bothered, but once I saw so many bloggers rocking them in different ways I was hooked ;) I love how you customised a pair at school during boring classes Paula, there’s always a silver lining hey? Haha! Both your pairs photographed are gorgeous, I’m especially loving your low white ones; such a fresh, clean look for the summer and I’ll bet they look gorgeous against your Urban Jungle nail polish too! :)

    Really adore your choice of inspo; all these bloggers show such innovative ways of working the trend, I’d have never have paired a maxi and converse together but in perfect harmony don’t they go! <3

    I've got an orange pair of converse and a dark denim pair which I've sadly (and stupidly) gotten all dirty as it's my go-to sneaker for long walks!! Saying that I'd love a sky blue pair one day, that I certainly would take better care of ;)

    Sophie xo

    • Oh I’ve been rocking them ever since I was in like ten years old haha :D Back in the day they would only come in black, not there are all of these amazing colors and designs, it’s great.

      I remember seeing your orange ones in “Orange is the new black” post if I remember correctly, they looked great paired with that dress! Sky blue ones would look beautiful as well! Ugh, I just want to get them in every color! :D

  • Amazing shoes and adorable outfits! I love converse, they walk amazing and you can style them in so many different ways.

  • we’ve been umming and ahhing about getting ourselves a pair of white converse for a while now. we love how other bloggers style them, but we’re not sure what they’ll look like on us. we might have to take the leap and purchase a pair very soon!!


    • I think these will look great on anyone :)

  • Converse are totally my shit. Love them so much, I don’t think there is a comfier everyday shoe out there. The classic whites will always be my one true love, I think xo

    • OMG yes, I couldn’t literally sleep in them, that’s how comfy they are. <3

  • I love the shorts and a comfy sweater look :)
    I have one pair of converse, and I love them so so so much! They’re this amazing bright pink color.

    This is great inspiration! I really want to get a pair of white converse for sure now!

    Christina <3

    • Pink ones must look so pretty! I have to say that I haven’t seen them in that color yet!

  • Love all these – hope to try a take on the converse look soon!