7 Apps for easier blogging


Best-apps-for-bloggersThere’s no denying that our lives become more mobile by the minute and blogging seems to have taken a pace that’s getting faster and faster each day.

Blogging is all about expressing yourself, your ideas, connecting with others and sharing what you know on the magical place called the Internet. It’s a whole lot of fun, but it can also be quite time-consuming at times (not that I mind :) ). Today, I’ll share some of my favorite apps that make blogging a little easier and let me keep track of things, even when I don’t have my laptop by my side. I’m skipping obvious apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that are all great for growing and connecting with your audience as well as for sharing your content.


This is a no-brainer, but WordPress is a must for me. It supports both and self-hosted websites. It let’s me make quick edit on posts, moderate comments, write and create content. If you’re not on WordPress, there’s also an app for BLOGGER as well.


I told you about this highly popular app in my Instagram Photography post. I didn’t start using it until few months a go, and I absolutely love editing my Instagram photos in it. It’s easy to use and it can definitely take your pictures to another level.


When you have a blog you spend a lot (and by a lot, I mean A LOT) time online. I’m constantly browsing web through my phone, doing research, looking things up, searching for inspiration, reading and discovering new blogs, etc. Pocket lets me save articles, videos and other content I come across for later. The display is very easy to read- I’d say it’s much easier than most mobile-optimized websites out there. The best part is that you can view the saved  content even when you’re offline.


Planner Plus is like a mobile calendar. It’s perfect for planning out events, tasks and taking notes. You can plan out your blog posts for the month, keep track of your tasks and cross them off the list as you complete them. The user interference is great, it syncs in with your Google calendar and events and you can use it as a daily, weekly and monthly planner.


I don’t always have my actual paper planner with me, but most of the time I do have my phone somewhere near- that’s when Evernote comes in handy. Usually, I get hit with ideas for a blog post when I least expect it- when I’m at the office, while doing grocery shopping, when walking Blu or right when I’m about to fall asleep. Most of the time, if I don’t write those ideas down, they’re gone for good. That’s why I love Evernote- I use it to keep track of my ideas, tutorials, or recipes I want to blog about as well as checklists and random notes. You can also use it to clip articles, tweets, images all from your phone and you can sync it up with your computer. When talking productivity- this is one of the best apps for that that’s out there.


This is an app that I came across recently when doing an Instagram giveaway. It’s one of those apps that let’s you see who follows you, who unfollows you, etc. This comes in handy when doing a giveaway and you have to verify that contestants qualify by following you. Another really cool feature that was just added to this app is scheduling your Instagram posts. Not only you can schedule your posts with Crowdfire, but the app will also tell you how often you should posts if you expect to grow your account, and it will also let you know what’s the best time to post. This is great for growing your audience, this app also works similarly with Twitter.


I also want to mention Pinterest really quickly, because right next to Instagram it’s one of my most used apps. I get thousands of visits from Pinterest to my blog and I think it’s a great way to not only drive traffic to your blog, but also an amazing source for inspiration. I found some of my favorite blogs on Pinterest and some of my post get shared a lot on there and I definitely prefer the app from the actual website. It’s so much easier to use and makes pinning a lot more fun.

These are some of my favorites. Do you have yours?


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