7 Awesome Nude Lip Glosses

Best Nude lipglossesPeachy, pinky, nude lip glosses are probably some of my favorite and most-used makeup products (right after mascara). Today I’ll share some of my all-time favorite glosses that give a gorgeous tint of color and high-shine glow.

I remember many years a go, someone at Sephora once told me, “you’re like, pretty, so all you really need is good foundation to cover your acne, lots of mascara and a nice, nude lip gloss” (…lol). Of course, I’d love to be pretty enough to not “have” to wear any makeup at all, but I guess you can’t have it all now can you? ;) (Although let’s face it.. most of us girls don’t wear makeup because we feel the “need” to, we do it because it’s so much fun!) That day I bought my first high-end lip-gloss; Dior’s Collagen Lip Maximer. Ever since then, it’s been one high-end product that I couldn’t live without. It’s almost clear, with a bit of pink tint and leaves that highly addictive tingle on my lips. It actually does make my lips look a bit fuller and plumper, very much like Buxom’s “Bunny” lip polish. While “Bunny” has more of a peachy-pink tone and is a bit more pigmented, they both leave my lips looking full, fresh with that healthy glow. Dior’s Lip Maximer sells for around $32.00 while Buxom’s “Bunny” is around $19.00. “Bunny” is very, very similar to Dior’s Lip Maximizer and at nearly half the price, so it’s a great dupe.

Revlon’s “Bellini” is my favorite drugstore lip-gloss. I’ve used it many, many times in my tutorials. It has a great consistency, stays on for long, works great with other lip products such as lip liner and lipsticks and has a gorgeous, peachy-toned nude tint. Another drugstore favorite is Mega Shine Lip Gloss by NYX in “Sugar Pie”. It’s more of a true-nude color, great for an everyday use, doesn’t settle into lines and blends beautifully for a flawless, glossy finish.

best nude lip glosses

Another high end favorites are Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #131 and Bobbi Brown Nude Pink #43. Chanel’s Glossimer in #131 is a bit different than other lip-glosses I mention. It has a thicker formula and a pretty, delicate shimmer. It looks like a very pigmented pink in the tube, but once applied it’s more of a sheer nude with pink undertones. Because of the pretty shimmer, I especially like using this in the summer. Bobbi Brown’s “Nude Pink” #43 is a lip-gloss that I fell in love with when my mom was getting her makeup done at a Bobbi Brown counter. I saw the makeup artist apply this on my mom and I went “What is the name of that lip-gloss, I need it and I need it now!” It’s a peach-toned nude and it’s probably one of the highly pigmented products mentioned in this post. It looks great on my lips, even when they’re a bit dry, which as you can image happens a lot in winter.

Last, but not least, there’s “Turkish Delight” by NARS. It’s a beautiful pink-nude that I find to be very flattering on me and pretty much anyone else I’ve seen wear this. I just wish that it was a bit more long-lasting, especially considering the price.

As with most lip-products, I have to always make sure to exfoliate and moisturize my lips prior to wearing lip-gloss, as my lips are very prone to getting dry. I noticed that exfoliating also prolongs the wear and makes the product stay on much, much longer without settling into the corners of my lips. Do you guys have any favorites that you think I should try?

Best nude lipglosses drugstore and high-endFrom left to right, Revlon “Belini”, Dior Collagen Lip Maximizer, Nars “Turkish Delight”, Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #131, Bobbi Brown Nude Pink #43, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in “Sugar Pie” and Buxom lip polish in “Bunny”.

nude lip glosses swatchesFrom left to right, Revlon “Belini”, Dior Collagen Lip Maximizer, Nars “Turkish Delight”, Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #131, Bobbi Brown Nude Pink #43, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in “Sugar Pie” and Buxom lip polish in “Bunny”.

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