Autumn essentials with Asos

autumn style 2014

 1.Over-sized Square Scarf 2. Geo-Geo Tribal Blanket Scarf 3. Grey Plaid Check Scarf   4. Cosy Check Scarf 5. Flower Scarf 6. Over-sized Basket Stitch Scarf

*It was only last week when I told you guys how excited I am about finally welcoming Autumn. Chunky knits, colorful scarves, endless layers, strap boots… this time of the year always provides great opportunity to experience with your style.

When I was little I hated all sorts of hats, scarves, gloves and other autumn-winter attire that only seemed to annoy me and make me sweat when it got too warm. My mom would make me wear these hideous, neon-colored scarves and hats that I always took off the minute I was out of her sight (I was such a fierce 8 year old). The older I got, the more I started to appreciate the idea of dressing in layers and I can now say that I love scarves. The chunkier and bigger-the better. If someone told my tween-self that at 25 I’d be obsessed with wearing scarves, I’d call them crazy. But I’d also say the same thing about teased hair and red lipstick-I could never understand what was the big deal with big, voluminous hair or dark lips-something I’ve certainly grown to appreciate ;) .

Transitioning from summer into winter can be a bit difficult, especially when the weather likes to play tricks on us. Only last week it was so cold that we had our fire place in the house going, and today, it’s unbearably warm. That’s when scarves always come in handy. They help to keep you warm while looking stylish at the same time. During the summer-into-winter transition, I like to pair mine with a simple T-shirt or a sweater and a jean or faux-leather jacket. That way, when it gets too warm during the day, I can always take my jacket off while keeping my scarf on to keep me warm and comfortable.

sweather weather style 2014

1. Crop Table Knit Jumper 2.Midi Shape Cardigan 3. Flecked Sweater 4. Chunk Cable Knitted Jumper 5. Aran Sweater 6. Color Block Sleeve Ribbed Sweater 7. Aldo Faghita Black Face Watch 8. Brushed Fairisle Sweater

Who doesn’t love sweater weather? That time of the year when it might be cold and dry, but not too windy, when the air is so crisp and fresh.. that’s when all my sweaters always come out of my closet. During early and mid autumn I usually need a jacket in the morning, but by the time lunch time comes around, it’s all sweater-weather. I especially love chunky sweaters and long, thin cardigans (If I can, I always buy them in black, gray, cream/beige or….black ;) ).

fall outfit 2014


 I also created two autumn-outfit inspirations for you, both featuring items that you can find on

First is an option for all my girl-y girls. Gorgeous sweater dress paired with knee-high socks and leather knee-high boots complimented by a floppy hat.


fall outfit idea 2014

1.Strapped Boots 2. Duffle X Body Bag 3. V-Neck T-Shirt 4. Leggings in Pleat Effect
5. Checked Shirt

This second outfit is definitely a bit more “me”. Buckle-strap boots will make you feel all sorts of tough and cool, but you will still keep it cute with these fitting pleat-effect leggings (trust me, I own a pair and always, always get compliments whenever I wear them. They’re so easy to dress up; I rocked them both with my plaid shirt and Doc Martens for a casual look and I also paired them up with black pumps and sexy cami and blazer combo for a night out).

What are your “warmtumn” style essentials?


*This post was created as part of ASOS Blogger Autumn Campaign.