Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

Biore self heating one minute mask review

Even though I love using face masks, it’s one of those skincare treatments that I often neglect. Probably one of the reasons for this, is the fact that you have to wait about 10 to 20 minutes for an average mask to dry and do its magic. Enter Biore’s Self Heating Mask- a mask that will only take up a minute of your time.

biore mask

Applied on  wet skin this mask heats on contact and creates a mighty comforting feeling (that warming sensation is created when water reacts with zeolite in the product). Thanks to that exothermic reaction taking place, other active ingredients in the product can work more effectively. Directions instruct to continue to massage the skin for the course of 1 minute. After that, we wash the mask off-quite an easy task, since this mask will not harden or dry. You are now left with a fresh, tingling sensation in your skin and, hopefully, much cleaner pores.

biore one minute mask review

For $6.99 I only get to use this mask 4 times- it comes in four individual packettes. Individual packaging is not something that I’m a fan of when it comes to face masks. Even though I think that the amount contained in the packaging was just right for one application, it may get a little messy and I’d much prefer if this product came in a tube. There is a plus to this though, it’s ideal for traveling- instead of taking a whole tube with me, I can pack just one packette in my cosmetic bag for individual application.

This mask also contains charcoal powder, I think that few people even compared it to my beloved Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask by Origins- I think that these two are two, totally different products.

biore mask review

I’ve used this mask about twice by now and I think it might be a keeper :) . It’s a great way to refresh your skin and get rid of excess sebum in between regular, deep-cleaning masks. It only takes one minute and leaves the skin looking bright and feeling clean-not too tight, uncomfortable or dry.