November, November…

blanket scarf outfit

I am so glad that November is finally here! October was definitely a bit of a crazy, busy month for me.

During first couple of weeks of October things have been a little hectic at work, then I got sick for about a week, which is never fun. I also fell out of my workout routine because of getting sick and everything, so one of the things that I’m really looking forward to this month, is getting back in shape! It’s crazy how just two weeks of little rest have affected me; I definitely feel like my energy levels aren’t as high as they usually are. I’m really looking forward to getting into my routine, starting today!

fall outfit3


So.. onto today’s outfit post. You’ve probably noticed that I started posting these more often and I’m really curious to see if I’ll be able to keep this up during winter. I don’t know about you, but winter is when I kinda do whatever it takes to stay warm and I doubt that me wearing a jacket that resembles a sleeping bag is too cute of an outfit. Although I do love a good challenge, so we’ll see!

On those really cold winter days, I always wish that I lived somewhere really warm, but then I think about fall and just how much I love it. Yesterday was another really beautiful day, although there’s no denying that the temperatures are dropping very slowly. I paired two of my favorite things for our Sunday walk: a warm sweater and a blanket scarf. I absolutely love wearing scarves, I wear them all the time and it’s probably because I’m cold 90% of the time especially during this time of year- if I’m not wearing a scarf, I feel like I’m missing an arm.


I also had my eyes on these Zara Suede Platform Ankle Boots for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy them because suede gets dirty easily and can be difficult to clean, but I finally bought them. They’re actually quite comfy and I love wearing them with black skinnies because it optically elongates my legs.

sweater outfit

Sweater: H&M
Pants: Guess
Scarf: Express (very similar right here)
Jacket: Burberry
Shoes: Zara (you can still find them right here)


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