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Demi Lovato-Staying Strong

staying strong 365 days a year demi lovato book cover“Demi Lovato wakes up each morning and affirms her commitment to herself—to her health, her happiness, her being. Those commitments are the bedrock of her recovery and her work helping other young people dealing with the issues she lives with every single day.”

Other than being a platinum-selling artist, Demi Lovato is definitely one of the most inspiring  young artists as well. She opened up about battling anorexia, bulimia, bipolar disorder and bullying and is now sharing her tips to staying strong and loving yourself in her first book “Staying strong: 365 days a year”.

demi lovato book

In her book Demi shares quotes from various writers and artists such as Mark Twain,  Eminem or Biggie Smalls as well as her very own quotes and affirmations. Each day of the year unveils a quote, few personal thoughts from Demi as well as a daily goal. Reading this book first thing in the morning, as I begin my day, instantly puts me in a good mood, makes me feel inspired and motived. I think that anyone would benefit from reading this book and practicing daily goals, regardless of the age.

demi lovato book reviewAs someone who had struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, I know that sometimes those “demons” find a way back into my life, and that it is my constant believe and love for myself and my life that keeps them away. This book is a great tool that helps you find that strength, even if you don’t know how to stop the obsessive thoughts and constant worrying, or how to love yourself.

With the holidays and the new year coming up, this book would make for an amazing gift, especially for young girls, or for anyone looking for an inspiration, a change or simply looking for a way to uplift themselves.

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