Creme de Rose

Creme de Rose Dior

I’ve tried tons of different lip balms and treatments over the years, some were great, some not-so-great. Creme de Rose by Dior is, without a doubt, one of my favorite lip balms of all time.

Even though I think that it’s slightly overpriced ($27.00) I really can’t do without Creme de Rose. One tiny jar usually lasts me close to a year (with regular use, too) so I always use that fact as an excuse to keep buying it the minute I run out. That, and the fact that it truly is a great product. Even though I’m not too crazy about Rose-scented products, this one has such a delicate and subtle fragrance that I really don’t mind it at all.

Dior Creme de Rose review blog

It’s smoothing, soothing, hydrating, nourishing, everything that you’d want in a balm. It has a delicate rosy-pink color and creamy texture that just melts into lips. With SPF 10 it’s a great product to use during the day, I personally love using this as an overnight treatment. I find that it really lasts for hours and I don’t have to worry about waking up with chapped, dry lips.

Dior Creme de Rose review

One thing that I do have to mention though, is that despite this being advertised as a lip-plumbing products, it is not. I’ve read countless reviews of people being disappointed at the lack of the plumping effect, some having to return the product. Yes, this balm will make your lips look beautiful and supple, but it is not necessarily a plumping product and I wish it wasn’t advertised as same. Nevertheless, this is one of the best lip balms out there. A classic and timeless product that can be used alone, as a nigh treatment, or a lipstick primer. Believe the hype with this one.

creme de rose