DIY White Marble Photography Background

DIY white marble background for photography

DIY White Marble Photography Background

White marble has been the “it” photography background for a while now; you’ve seen it all over magazines, Instagram, and the blogosphere. Today I’ll show you how to easily create your own white marble background without spending a fortune.


To create this, you will need a few things: first and most importantly you will need white/grey marble self-adhesive vinyl. You can find it at any arts and craft store, home depot, etc. I bought my on Amazon right here. You will also need a board of some sort to act as your surface, scissors, a towel, razor and an extra pair of hands, if possible (it’s much easier to do this if you have help).

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You can use a piece of plywood (wouldn’t recommend that though, since the surface isn’t completely smooth), maybe an old cutting board that you have sitting around or a simple cardboard. I used 12” x 24” plexiglass sheet (you can find a similar one right here). Plexiglass is great for this because it’s smooth, light and thin which makes it very easy to store and move around. If you are going to use plexiglass for this, make sure that you go with the size you want, because plexiglass is very, VERY difficult to cut and/or trim.

DIY White Marble Photography Background

The first thing I did was to measure out the self-adhesive vinyl against my surface. My board was 12” x 24” and I cut out my vinyl to measure 15.5” x 27”. Before you remove the film and begin to attach the vinyl to your surface you have to make sure that both your board and the surface that you’re working on is clean. Even things as small as a dog hair or a tiny crumb can create small bumps and bubbles under your vinyl, so make sure you wipe everything down with a dry towel.

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Now, this is where the extra pair of hands comes in handy; one person should hold the board steady and hold up the vinyl and slowly remove the protective film, making sure the vinyl doesn’t stick to the surface unevenly, while the other person should slowly attach vinyl to the surface, while gently pressing it down using a clean towel, going back and forth across the board, to avoid any bubbles from forming underneath. You can also do it by yourself of course, but if you really want your background to be smooth and free of bubbles, it’s better to have a little help.

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After you are done attaching the vinyl to your surface, turn it around and trim the excess all around your plexiglass, using a razor.

DIY White Marble Photography Background

Hope you found this helpful DIY White Marble Photography Background tutorial helpful, let me know if you have any questions!

  • I may have to get some of this adhesive, it looks beautiful in photos!
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    • Right? I love how bright it makes the pictures look :)

  • This is amazing! Hahahha, you totally know what you’re going to see on my blog in the future.. You never cease to impress me, girl. Your posts are always on point and fantastic.

    • Haha, hey, that’s what I wrote this post for! :D :D It’d make me super happy if you tried it out :) Aww heheh thanks so much Kira!! <3 <3

  • Definitely doing this! Your photo looks gorgeous and I’ve always admired marble backgrounds but wasn’t going to buy a table for blog photos haha this is the perfect solution – thank you :D xx

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    • Thanks so much Jasmine! Ahh I know, I told my husband that I want to renovate our kitchen so that we can have white marble counter-tops, just so I can take nice photos for the blog haha. He said I’m crazy :| So glad you liked this idea! ;)

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  • This is one of my favorite DIYs! I bought some of the paper from amazon a few weeks ago and love how my photos come out now! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • This is so helpful and amazing! This background always looks amazing in photos and it’s this is a great alternative and it doesn’t take that much to do! I feel like your blog is getting better and better, keep going! Xx

    • Aww thanks so much Rita! <3

  • What a great idea! I recently got a small marbled plate from a thrift store to use for smaller objects, but for larger setups this sounds like an amazing option.

  • I never thought about this before, but it’s actually so helpful and would be much more affordable to do! Thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to try this!

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    • Thanks so much Becky! <3

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  • Wow, this looks stunning, thanks for this great tip.^^
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  • Joanna Joy

    This is a nice tutorial. It looks like real marble. Great idea!

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  • I actually spotted this the other day when i was having a look on Amazon! Such a cheap yet effective way to get the marble look. Think I am definitel going to have to give it a go :) x

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    • Heheh :) I definitely love how affordable this is, too! ;)

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  • This is such a wonderful idea! Never thought you could make your own “fake” marble table this easy! Thank you for sharing!

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  • OMG! You’re the best! The idea of using plexiglass is phenomenal. I was thinking about getting a few backgrounds but as I do not have enough space to store them I stuck to paper. I will definitely start to think about a few backgrounds I can create with plexiglass :D.

    • Thanks so much Sarina! It was actually my hubby’s idea to go with a plexiglass, I was going to use plywood, but he said I’d end up with tons of bubbles underneath the vinyl. I definitely want to create a few more of these too! :) Thanks for visiting!

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  • Bernadette

    Brilliant post. This is a awesome idea! I personally am a fan of a plain white background, when i finally got a white table i used as a makeup vanity i was super excited, it made my blog photos look 10 x better.

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    • The one I linked to in the post has a really delicate marble that isn’t distracting at all- it all depends on the kind of contact sheet paper you get.