Fall Nail Colors


Is Fall the best season, or what?

Black is just one of those colors that always looks good, no matter what. I especially love wearing it during colder months. And yes, I mean both: clothing and nail polish.   As a matter of fact, I’ve been wearing nothing but black since Wednesday… My hands tend to get very dry during fall and winter and wearing dark polish like black or burgundy, in a strange way, makes me pay extra attention to my hands. I think with darker colors your dry cuticles are a bit more visible so I always tend to moisturize my hands a lot more when rocking my favorites like Essie Licorice, Marc Jacobs Blacquer or Dior’s Nuit 1947. Dark mani also looks so pretty when you wear loose, chunky knits- don’t you think?


During this time of year, I also love different kind of nudes, like Essie Perennial Chic or Dior Minimal. Both are true nudes that are flesh-toned, but they do not blend in with my skin, which is saying a lot since a lot of those colors tend to do that. Colors like these, very much like black, just go with everything and always look good.

ssie Tuck it In my Tux swatch

Creamy off-whites like Essie Tuck it in My Tux or Marc Jacobs Snow White and grays like Glitter Daze I’m Sort of a Big Deal are colors I usually reach for when I can’t decide on a color. They’re not as bright as true white polishes and really add a little “softness”. I also love pairing colors like these with a matte top coat- is matte top coat still a thing? Because I still use it, all the time.


Glitter Daze I’m Sort of a Big Deal, Essie Model Clicks, Dior Nuit 1947, Essie Perennial Chic, Dior Minimal and Essie Hang Up the Heels. 

Hope you’re all hanging in there! I know that last couple of days have been such an emotional roller coaster for a lot of us and it seems a bit strange to be talking about things like nail polish; things that, at the the end of the day don’t really matter a whole lot (I mean, unless you’re me- last night my nail polish chipped when I was going to bed, and I couldn’t sleep because it bothered me so much, so I had to get up and paint it again). To be honest, I’m feeling emotionally drained but working and staying busy has been keeping my mind preoccupied, which I’m thankful for. So, get ready, because I have a lot fresh, fun content coming your way. Love you. Mean it.