Instagram Accounts to Follow for Some Serious Beauty Inspo

927415_777098405697386_1773347487_nThis, right here, is probably one of the most “stolen” makeup/beauty shots of Instagram.

I’ve been seeing it all over Tumblr and Pinterest for ages but was unable to find the author/artist behind it- until recently. Ania Milczarczyk is a makeup artist based in Sydney, Australia and boy, the things she can do with skin! I love scrolling through her profile on Instagram and even printed out a few of her looks and keep them near my makeup table. I love that she is all about that glow, enhancing natural beauty, those soft, bronzy eyes and that highlight.. that highlight!


Renny Vasquez is an award winning celebrity makeup artist  and his looks are definitely a bit different from Ania’s. He’s all about that glam and I love that he posts videos/tutorials so that you can really see his technique- those are definitely my favorite to watch.





Nika Kislyak’s work is absolutely incredible, she found her passion for makeup through painting and her work is often very bright, unusual and inspiring. Some of the looks she creates are pure magic.





Vlada Haggerty– she’s an LA based makeup artist and hair stylist and her work is very versatile but I love her especially for her lip art (which was also a part of the whole Kylie Jenner Lip Kit controversy a few months back). I think I’ve mentioned it in one of my previous posts, but I’ve been obsessed with lip art lately (@girlgreybeauty is amazing too, if you love lip art).  Vlada’s work is incredible and she even sells some of her lip art prints on Etsy– need!




I’m pretty sure a lot of you are already familiar with Pat Mcgrath– a British makeup artist called  the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue magazine. If you’re looking to see a lot backstage sneak-peaks, fashion editorial makeup looks and discover new artists, you have to follow Pat.





Are you already following any of these artists?


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