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jeffrey campbell booties

I’ve been on a lookout for a perfect pair of boots for ages. After admiring these Jeffrey Campbell Suede Rumble Boots for over a year, I finally gave in and ordered them last week.

jeffrey campbell shoe box

It’s only my second pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I already want more. My other pair is the Venice Wedge Sneaker and every single time I wear them I get tons of compliments (I even had a girl take a picture of them with her phone once, she also asked for the exact name and place where I bought them hehe). Most of the time when I think of JC shoes I see fun, dramatic and funky designs with lots of color, unique structure and tons of studs. The Jeffrey Campbell Suede Rumble Boot on the other hand, is just as stylish but also classic, versatile and crazy comfortable.

Jeffrey Campbell Suede Rumble Boot Review

I bought these at in color “taupe”, they also come in black. It was actually hard to decide which color to get, but ultimately I went with taupe. I got the same size as my other JC shoes, and they seem to be true to size. I’m 9.5, in case you’re wondering, which means that, let’s face it, I have big feet. Because of that not a lot of boots look good on me, but these, I think, are an exception. When I first got them out of the box they looked tiny. I thought that they sent me a wrong size and that there was no way that they’d fit me. Once I tried them on, they felt super comfortable and they looked cute and not abnormally long/large like most of the boot-type shoes that I own. I absolutely love the color, the fit, the height of the heel and the versatility of these boots. They’re great for spring, summer and fall and I see myself wearing these with dresses, shorts, jeans and even skirts. I really am in love.

Shoes just make everything better.

Jeffrey Campbell Suede Rumble

  • Alaina

    I love shoes that pretty much go with anything, and these shoes are one of them. It’s money well spent, I wouldn’t spend hundreds on a really “out-there” shoe which I’d only wear once every three months unless I was a billionaire. Excellent choice and excellent post.

    I recently did a post on summer partywear, I’d love if you checked it out:
    Alaina x

    • Thank you so much Alaina! I definitely like to go for things that will last me a long time and can be styled in many different ways.

  • those shoes look amazing and seem comfy because of the thick heel :)

    • They are mega comfy :D

  • These are truly boot-y-ful! :D ;) So, SO utterly stylish, chic and elegant with a large dose of swag and a dash of off duty starlet thrown in for good measure! Ahh how lovely are they Paula, and I just can’t wait to see you rocking them like the hawt fashionista you are! <3

    Well done you for waiting it out (over a whole year, you have the best will power in the game hon!) I think it just makes the purchase all the more worthwhile and deserved, and I hope you enjoy these beauties! Taupe is such a lovely colour, it's always so nice to have a different shade to black when it comes down to boots. I couldn't agree more; I think these JC's will work with all seasons so effortlessly. With a dress for summer, and chunky layers for winter. Sheer perfection! :D I love, love, LOVE the unicorn box too, how pretty!

    Adored the story about the girl taking a photo of your Venice Wedge Sneakers on her phone, I don't blame her though, your shoe-inspo is definitely on point my love! ;)

    Sophie xo

    • Aww thanks Love!! :D

      It definitely feels great to finally have them after all that wait. I just have so many shoes, I’m running out of space to store them haha :) Just had to have these though since I still loved them after all this time ;)
      Their boxes always look so cool and unique, never throwing those away hehe ;D :D

  • Alexa De La Hooke

    Gorgeous shoes, I need booties like this!

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  • I love those boots!! I’m looking for a pair like that, with that kind of heel so I can wear them during the day and work my errands in them =D

    Rosie’s Life