Kiehl’s Eucalyptus Lip Treatment

Kiehl's Eucalyptus Lip Treatment Review

Kiehl's Eucalyptus Lip Treatment Review

There’s a new favorite lip product in town: Kiehl’s Eucalyptus Lip Treatment. I think that at this point it’s pretty much safe to say that I’m a lip treatment/balm hoarder.Kiehl’s Eucalyptus Lip Treatment is a great balm for those whose lips (like mine) are almost continually dehydrated and chapped. Unlike many other products of similar nature, this has a very unique formula that is not waxy. If there is one thing that I really don’t like, is when lip balms leave lots of waxy, heavy residue on my lips, which also makes lipstick application a pain. I was very surprised to see that even thought this absorbed very quickly, I could feel it working for a few hours, which I think is amazing. It brings instant relief to dehydrated and chapped lips leaving them feeling very soft and smooth.

Kiehl's Eucalyptus Lip Treatment Review blog

This is what Kiehl’s say about their product: “Our no-shine lip treatment soothes dehydrated, parched lips. Formulated with restorative Eucalyptus, ultra-hydrating Cactus Flower, and invigorating Tibetan Ginseng, this cooling, protective balm helps to mend cracking lips and maintain healthy moisture in-flight or any time.

Kiehl's Eucalyptus Lip Treatment

I absolutely love the smell of Eucalyptus, and this treatment has just a very subtle hint of Eucalyptus scent that is very fresh and soothing. I’ve also grown addicted to the minty, tingling sensation that I feel on my lips each time I apply this treatment. The cooling effect disappears after a few minutes, but it definitely brings relief to dry and chapped lips. Due to its no-shine formula, this product can be also used by men. I think that during this time of the year, we all need a little extra loving in terms of skincare ;). Last but not least, the packaging is great, even though I don’t always like lip treatments that have to be applied using fingers, in this case the product is actually in a tube and isn’t exposed each time I open it, so I think I can live with that :) .  Next time I travel, you definitely won’t catch me without my Kiehl’s Eucalyptus Lip Treatment in my bag. I give it an A+!


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    November 3, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Sounds great! The smell of Eucalyptus is lovely and great – I first really noticed it this summer at a Spa where they had many steam room filled with various scents – one of my fave was Eucalyptus!
    It’s when the harsh wind hits us that we realise we really need that special lip balm! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

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    Sophie Sierra
    November 4, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Eucalyptus Lip Treatment sounds really heavenly Paula! I’m with you totally on hating the waxy residue on lips, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than that, especially when you’re trying to seek solace in lip products! I really find Vaseline quite hard going because of that (but maybe that’s just me as Vaseline seems to be loved worldwide hehe). It’s so fantastic that this product brings so much instant relief. What a wonder worker! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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