L’Oreal Feria: Wlid Ombre

wild ombre

The second I saw L’Oreal’s Wild Ombre effect kit, I knew I wanted to try it out! It took me a couple of days to find a drug store that had the kit for darkest hair color in stock. The kit comes in three different colors: one for Medium to Dark Brown hair (which is one I used), Dark Blonde to Light Brown and Light to Medium Blonde.

The kit was super easy to use, it comes with a little comb on which the product is dispensed and then simply brushed on the hair. The color should be kept on the hair longer, if lighter effect is desired, but not exceeding 45 minutes (which is how long I kept mine for). I love how the color came out and think that pictures do not do it justice. I was also surprised to find that my hair wasn’t overly damaged from the use of this kit (If you ever used bleach on your hair, then you know that it turns “gummy” after bleaching, not the case with this product, yay!)

I’m thinking of getting the medium kit (Dark Blonde to Light Brown) and lightening my ends just a tiny bit more. The cool thing about the ombre look, is that there is no need to be exact or precise at all. I’m also allergic to most dyes and coloring kits, and cannot use them near my scalp, unless I am willing to endure in two weeks worth of pain and peeling skin. This is a good alternative, because the dye did not touch my skin at all. The dark “top” color is my natural hair color.


Last weekend I went out with few friends and debuted my new hair. I received so many compliments about my hair from complete strangers! (and didn’t spend tons of money on it at the salon;) )

ombre 2