Lovin’ Lately: Lifestyle


It’s like my monthly Lovin’ Lately…. minus beauty products. 

Whenever someone sees a cute prop on my photos and asks me where I got, 90% of the time the answer is the same: Home Goods. Here’s the thing: I hate shopping. I can’t remember last time I went to the mall. I can’t stand it. With the exception of Home Goods. I think it’s because I have one that’s right next to my supermarket and it’s not out of the way. I can stop in to pick up some groceries and then stop by the Home Goods to buy a candle, or two, or three, to cheer myself up.


Ah, yes. Candles. In case you can’t tell (which at this point, you really should be able to guess) I love me some candles. My latest obsession are the DW Home candles. I think I already mentioned one of my favorites: Wild Honey Nectar in this post. Right now, I’m also loving  Maple Hazelnut  (perfect for Fall) Teakwood Tonka and Paperwhite + Musk.  These candles come in beautiful jars and have a very nice throw, that isn’t too strong or overwhelming.

I’ve been looking for some rose gold flatware for a really long time now. The main reason is really because I want to start posting some recipes again and so I’m stocking up on some kitchen items that’ll help me with styling. I can’t really find anything that I like but just the other week I did find these gorgeous rose gold frozen dessert spoons from Mikasa at.. yes, you guessed it: Home Goods. I’m still on the lookout for forks + knives.


I saw Karen mention this tea a looooong time ago on Instagram (I think) and I’ve been drinking it ever since. If any of you girls get painful and heavy periods, you might want to give this a try. Once in a while my PMS gets really bad and that’s when I drink two cups of the Raspberry Leaf Tea a day. The raspberry leaf is said to  strengthen the uterus, which in turn can reduce menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding. Not a miracle worker, but this definitely helps me quite a bit and makes me feel less miserable during and before my period.


I mention Gabby a lot here on the blog and I love her books. I can honestly say that she helped me transform my life, back in 2013. I remember the first time I’ve ever heard of her. I was “watching” one of the local morning TV shows while doing some work. She happened to be a guest and the moment I heard her speak I stopped what I was doing and listened. The same day I ordered her book and started making a lot of changes in my life. Gabby just released a new book: The Universe Has Your Back and it’s already one of my favorite books from her. She’s real, inspiring and if you need a bit of inspiration and positivity in your life, this book is for you. If you get the book by November 27th, Gabby also has a special bonus- a free 6-hour online course that’s valued at  $249.00. Love this girl!

I also have to mention one of my favorite Netflix shows at the moment: Chelsea. I freaking love this woman and I’m obsessed with her Netflix show. Love that it airs three times a week, and the fact that in addition to being hella funny she also touches on important issues such as global warming or gender inequality. Love her sense of humor and how outspoken she is. Definitely a fun show to watch at the end of a tough day.

What are some of your lifestyle favorites at the moment?