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Guys, I think I found one of the best skincare products, ever.

Do you guys keep an Amazon wishlist that’s like… super long? I do. I was adding a bunch of stuff to my wishlist a few weeks ago, including Amazon Echo which I totally need in my life (by the way… I watched the demo video for it and cried when the girl said “Alexa.. goodnight” and got the “goodnight” response from Echo. I get emotional so easily lately!). After seeing how many items are on my wishlist I thought I’d go through it and that’s where I found the Weleda Skin Food cream, sitting at the bottom of my wishlist, along with a bunch of other beauty products.

I think I read somewhere that Skin Food is a good dupe for Crème de la Mer and both Victoria Beckham and Rihanna are huge fans, so that’s what probably made me want to try it. I mean, anything that those two put on their skin, I’ll gladly try. Especially if it comes with a $9 price tag.


This super thick cream (and when I say thick, I mean it. It’s actually more of a balm) is a blend of plant extracts and promotes self-healing of the skin. It’s formulated with natural ingredients and is probably right up there with some of the best skincare products I’ve ever used. I’m dealing with so much dryness right now and this cream (amongst few other products) came to my rescue. I have a few different uses for it and at this point, I’m really thinking that I should probably devote a separate post, just for this cream. Maybe even give one or two of these away? I mean, that’s how much I love this stuff.  I use it on my hands, feet, lips, elbows as a moisturizing face mask. As I was prepping for Thanksgiving (shopping, cooking, cleaning, not sleeping) I developed this awful rash on my hands. My hands were burning, flaking, I couldn’t do the dishes (not that I was complaining) or wash my hands in warm water unless I wanted them to feel like I just set them on fire. This cream is the only thing that helped- as in, it healed my hands overnight. It did the same thing for my face- took that accutane flakiness away and my skin no longer feels dry as paper. Also, this cream is amazing for your cuticles. I found it on Amazon right here.

Speaking of Amazon, a little PSA: right now you can get $25 back with a $50 Luxury Beauty Purchase when using a promo code BEAUTYGIFT25 (you’ll get a $25 credit towards future Luxury Beauty purchase) and if you don’t already have Amazon Prime- it’s life changing. You can sign up for a free trial right here or here if you’re a college student. 

Okay, I went on forever, now I’ll try to keep things brief. Skincare. Nothing but skincare in this month’s Lovin’ Lately. As I told you guys in this post, my makeup game is pretty minimal right now. Cetaphil Cream has been my BFF and doesn’t leave my sight. Now that my skin is so dry, red and irritated from the treatment, I can’t stand to use any skincare products with artificial fragrance. Cetaphil is an OG and never disappoints- it’s fragrance free and works great for sensitive skin.


Jouviance Cleansing Milk*– this cleansing milk is ahhhmazing. It’s just so… milky and delicate on my skin. I don’t use it to remove makeup, but when my skin feels dry and tight, I spend all day looking forward to coming home and washing my face with this. It brings instant relief to that tight feeling and it just glides on skin, leaving it smooth and soft. This is amazing for dry skin and I think anyone with mature/aging skin would love this as well. Also loving: their Micelle Solution*– super gentle and delicate on skin. It’s great for removing makeup or just refreshing your skin. I previously talked about their Collagen Boost Serum and I’m seriously very impressed with Jouviance products. Best part is, you can find them at your local CVS (+ they’re having 25% off right now).

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Alloe, Herbs and Rosewater– if you read this blog, then you have to know that this is my favorite skincare product. Also, the only facial spray/mist I’m reaching for right now (and I have over 10 of them). I have a feeling that they did something new with this spray when I picked up another bottle, as the scent is slightly different, but thankfully it feels amazing on my skin- just as it has all these years I’ve been using it. It’ll soothe your skin, refresh it and prevent your makeup from looking cakey.


For my dry lips- other than Skin Food I’ve been loving Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream (oldie, but a goodie) and Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. Aaaand I recently tested these FlashPatch Lip Gels* from Pachology and I love them. I think these are first lip patch hydrogels I’ve tried (I’ve seen a ton of them all over the Instagram) and I love that they make those dry bits go away practically in an instant. I actually have a really funny story about me and my sister trying these during our little “girls’ night in”, but I’ll have to save it for another time because I feel like I’ve been going on forever.

Okay, this has to be one the longest Lovin’ Lately posts, ever. If you made it all the way till the end- thank you!

*PR Samples/Gifted Items


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