MAC Taupe Lipstick

MAC-Taupe Lipstick

MAC-Taupe LipstickMAC Taupe Lipstick

I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of these matte, deeply-toned nudes.

If it ever does happen, it definitely won’t be any time soon. MAC’s Taupe is my latest favorite for an everyday makeup. It’s a very pretty, muted, reddish-taupe brown color with a gorgeous, matte finish. It definitely falls in that same “90’s nude” category as Whirl and Velvet Teddy, but it has more of those red-brown hues, which I happen to love.

I actually saw my friend wearing Taupe and even though I had a few similar shades,  I didn’t really have anything with such gorgeous reddish, taupe-y tones. As with all of my matte lipsticks from MAC, I love the formula, the wear time and the pigmentation. Taupe is a great everyday color that actually works quite nicely with my skin tone, which I found surprising because it did look quite dark when I swatched it. If I’m going for a less-intense look, then I blot it a little bit with a tissue and only apply a little bit, by lightly dabbing the lipstick on.  I also noticed that MAC raised their lipstick prices by $1.00, anyone else noticed that?

MAC MATTE NUDESHere are a few of my other matte favorites from MAC: Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy and Whirl, as compared to Taupe.

MAC matte lipsticks kinda sexy velvet teddy taupe whirl

MAC Taupe Lipstick

MAC Taupe lipstick swatch

Right here, Taupe looks a bit brighter than it does in reality because my ring light tends to wash me out a little bit; it’s actually a bit more bronze-y. I love pairing it with Spice liner from MAC.


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