MAC Whirl lip liner

mac lip liner in whirl

MAC Whirl lip liner

MAC lip liner in “Whirl” is probably one of the most popular MAC lip liners of the moment, and it’s all because of Kylie Jenner. There are numerous speculations about Kylie getting lip injections and that’s something that I truly couldn’t care less about, but two things are for sure: the girl is a beauty and her makeup is always on point.

whirl lip liner swatch

whirl lip liner mac

I’m sure that a lot of you girls know which makeup look I’m referring to: soft eye with a whole lot of lashes and a beautiful, neutral, 90’s-like lip color. “Whirl” is rumored to be a product that helps Kylie to achieve that exact look. It’s a dusty-rose, pink-brown color that will be suitable for many different skin tones, from the very light to medium-deep. It has a great pigmentation and applies almost like a dream. I say almost, because while it is quite creamy (just like most of MAC lip liners) it can dry-out your lips a bit if you don’t exfoliate and moisturize on a regular basis (mine tend to get dry despite of me  doing both :| ).

“Whirl” has an amazing staying power and it looks beautiful even when worn on its own. If you do chose to wear this liner on its own, keep in mind that you have to use a very light hand and that the finish will be very, very matte. As matte as it gets ;) . Lastly, because of its neutral tone, I see “Whirl” working with many, many different lipstick colors.

whirl mac lip liner review

Edit: MAC has also released a Whirl lipstick! See my review right here.

MAC Whirl matte lipstick swatch

  • Great post!!!

  • I have to get my hands on Whirl! I’ve heard so many reviews about it because of Kylie Jenner and I agree, her makeup is definitely on point!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    • So did I! One of the main reasons why I decided to buy it ;)

  • this is a great color! I should look into it

  • Sherli

    Love it! Curious how it will be when it applied in lips, though. :)
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    Love, Chantilly Voeux.

    • I just added a photo with me wearing it ;)

  • Whirl looks so prettily perfect! I’m definitely in agreement with your wise words regarding Kylie Jenner Paula; there’s too much speculation on the poor girl! She’s a real stunner and I love her make-up inspo. That blue hair she rocked too, gorgeous ;) :D

    I love a bold lip, but really adore the 90s lip look also. So fresh and natural yet at the same time very impactful and memorable. It’s fantastic that Whirl looks good on its own, even better that it works on so many different skin-tones! What a winner! Talking of winners, ‘In Anticipation’ is a perfect liner, one I keep reaching for along with my gorgeous Pinkfringe lipstick that smells like bubblegum! Really can’t thank you enough Paula! <3 <3

    Sophie xo

    • Ahhh, yes love her hair too! I think it’s so cool how she owns her style and makes it a bit different than her sisters, a bit edgy and rebellious :)

      Aww you’re so welcome Sophie, I’m really glad you like them :):) I think I’ll get Pinkfrindge for myself too, loved how bright it looked in the store.