Milani Color Statement Polish in “Ink Spot”

Milani Ink Spot

Every single time that I walk into a drugstore with intentions of buying nail polish (although most of the time it happens unintentionally, when I go in for say… a bottle of water?) I always try to stop myself from buying Essie polishes. Even though I love them, I really want to get into a habit of trying out polishes by different brands. This time I got Milani’s Color Statement polish in “Ink Spot”.

Milani Ink Spot swatch

 It was my first time using Milani nail polish, and I have to say that the formula was quite impressive (the bottle was another story. I don’t know if I had grabbed a faulty bottle or something but I literally could not get it opened. Yes, those are teeth marks on the bottle; please don’t judge me), it was creamy, nicely pigmented and not streaky. Also, I found it to be pretty fast-drying.

Ink Spot by Milani

The color “Ink Spot” is described as Deep Navy Blue. I think that it’s more of a deep, black-blue shade. It can be easily mistaken for black and only shows navy hues in direct light. That’s actually not a problem for me at all, as I love, deep and dark nail polishes. This is definitely a nice alternative for those who feel intimidated by black polish. “Ink Spot” has a gorgeous high, shine gloss that makes the color look even more beautiful. I’m actually very surprised and impressed at the quality of this polish and will definitely get more shades in the future. Especially since it costs only around $4.00 (compared to Essie at around $10.00).

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Milani Cosmetics Color Statement polish in Ink Spot

  • I’m in love with this nail polish & colour! Will definitely be checking out the Milani range now :)

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  • This is such a beautiful shade! Definitely can’t beat the price of this nail polish either!

    Becky, xx //

  • Absolutely stunning photos and this is a beautiful nail shade xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  • I’ve never tried Milani nail polishes but I love this colour, I love dark polishes like this especially in winter, and I’m always sold on a fast drying nail polish :) xx

  • The shade is stunning, and I’m with you on that – whenever I go in for one thing, I always come out with a nail polish, no matter what!

    But this year, I plan not to buy any more nail polishes, I have enough bottles, so much so that I can wear a different colour every day of the year!?! x


  • You picked a nice one !


  • Gorgeous colour though that does look black more than dark blue! I’ve never seen Milani polishes – I’m currently in love with the Sally Hansen InstaDri formula and the brushes as well! Would love to know how long that polish lasts for!

    • With a good base and top coat it lasts about a week, 6-7 days ;)

  • I love the look of “Ink Spot”, so glossy and gorgeous! And I love your pretty bling, those rings are stunning against the shade too Paula Such a fab price too, especially as this polish could easily pass as designer :D

    SO glad I’m not the only one that uses my teeth when times get tough haha! ;)
    I swear I can never get anything open, not even bottles of water :( ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo