MUFE: Lip Line Perfector

lip line perfector review

Make Up For Ever’s Lip Line Perfector is not only one of my new favorite products, but it’s also a must have for any lipstick lover. I discovered this colorless lip liner a few weeks ago when I was shopping at Sephora and didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

The concept is very simple: MUFE’s Lip Line Perfector creates an invisible wax barrier that helps to keep the lip color from feathering and bleeding over the lip line. If I want my lipstick to stay on for a really long time, I fill in my whole lips with the pencil, using it as a primer. Because the color of this product is clear, it goes with any lipstick in any shade/color. So instead of spending a fortune on multiple lip liners, I can always reach for this baby knowing that it will work perfectly.

makeup forever lip line perfector review

The formula of this Lip Perfector is very creamy, non-drying so it feels nothing like a regular lip pencil. Because of how soft this product is, it needs to be applied with a very light hand, otherwise it just “melts” into the lips. This also means that it needs to be sharpened before each use, which sometimes can get quite annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry. I usually sharpen it right AFTER I use it each time, so it’s ready to go next time I need it. It works great with lipsticks, lip tarts, lip stains, etc. It sells at Sephora for $19.00, which is totally worth it. I’ve heard that Maybelline also has a similar product, although I have never come across it before. Maybe some of you have?


  • Ambi

    looks great dear :) i have never used this one before :) xx

    • It really is a great product!

  • What a lovely product! It would be perfect for those days of red lips and bold colours!

    • Oh yes, it works great with bold and vibrant colors!

  • This product sounds wonderful Paula! I love that you always feature exciting & fresh products on your blog that I’ve never heard about but am always excited to discover :D

    Many a time am I losing my red/pink lip liners so this would be perfect for me to keep and use for every single shade haha ;) Last time I was in Paris I visited Sephora & totally fell in love with it <3

    Sophie xox

    • Aww thanks Sophie that’s so nice to hear!

      There’s no Sephora in the UK? I had no idea! That’s either bad because you can’t get your hands on some of their exclusive products, or good because you get to save money by not spending it on all the goodies :D

  • Emma

    I love the idea of this product! I really need to try it

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