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My favorite things in May

Tiffany & Co. I love you ring

May was a wonderful month. The weather finally got a lot warmer and bright and I found this new energy and am full of ideas and inspiration. Even though there were moments when I felt helpless, I took it one day at a time. I learned that it doesn’t make sense to stress over things that we have no control over (and also that you cannot help someone, who doesn’t want to be helped), instead, I chose to focus on the things I love, things I’m grateful for. Here are some of my favorite things in May.


Even though my birthday was in the beginning of April, I still cannot get enough of this beautiful gift that my little sister gave me: Tiffany “I love you” ring. The ring has a very cute and elegant, hand-written script all around it, and I absolutely love it.

blogging setup

My new blogging space. I finally invested in a new computer (birthday gift to myself). I’ve been slacking with my YouTube videos lately (last video I published was on March 22!), but that’s mainly because my laptop couldn’t handle editing videos, rendering files took forever, it would freeze all the time-just unbearable. Now I’m hoping to put out videos on regular basis, preferably once a week, so make sure you’re subscribed! ;)


Owls. Just in case some of you guys don’t already know this, I’m obsessed with owls. This past month there were few new additions to my little “collection”. beautiful bronze owl that my husband got me (I use it as a book-end); tiny little owl key-chain that my sister got me (this one is too cute it even makes an “owl cry”); forever 21 lip-balm (the actual lip balm sucks, but the owl is adorable); and “I have an owlitude” magnet that I got at Spencer’s.

Cows. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Upstate NY,  I loved seeing farm animals everywhere. Yes, I was that person to pull over on the side of the road to take a picture of a cow. I may be a city-girl now, but I grew up around farm animals and can’t wait for the day to come, when my husband finally lets me get a pet pig.

It was absolutely beautiful up there, the weather was great and everything looked picture-perfect (I took that second picture with my phone, how amazing does it look?).

cows, upstate ny

howe cave, ny

Green sandwiches & colorful salads- love. I’ve been putting  avocado on pretty much everything lately.

green sandwich and salad

I’m so excited for Summer being right around the corner and can’t wait to see what the month of June brings!