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Pinterest for Blogging: What Are Rich Pins & How To Set Them Up


I tell you guys all the time, that Pinterest sends a huge chunk of traffic to my blog. Last September, Pinterest announced that it crossed the threshold of 100 million monthly users. 100 MILLION MONTHLY USERS, guys. This means that it’s a great place for bloggers to be. A while ago I wrote a post on How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog after it was highly requested. I still get quite a few questions from you guys about…

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5 Worst Beauty Tips on Pinterest


Don’t try these at home, kids. Ever. I am obsessed with Pinterest. I’m being completely honest here.  If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I probably wouldn’t know how to make meatless meatloaf or beef-less beef stew- as ridiculous as this sounds. I used to have a DIY Beauty Pinterest board years ago, where I’d pin all these wonderful, DIY ideas that promised to make my skin look bright, supple and even-toned.. but.. the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Rubbing…

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Are you on Pinterest?

photography tips for bloggers

I’ve had a Pinterest account for quite a while now, but it’s not until recently that I became obsessed with it. If you’re not on Pinterest yet (especially if you’re a blogger) you need to get an account ASAP.…

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Girl talk Lifestyle

Winter Self-Care

Winter Self-Care 2019

Winter Self-Care Ideas Officially, it might have just begun, but I’m already so over Winter. You know, juuuust a little bit. I was driving home from work the other day and couldn’t help but think to myself “holy shit this looks so beautiful!” The freezing rain from the night before transformed all the trees into these enormous, fairytale-like crystals that sparkled in the Sun. Then I got home, got out my car and thought “holy shit it’s freezing I can’t…

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