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partner in crime essie review,

The temperature is slowly cooling down, the night arrives noticeably earlier, and this can only mean one thing: the transition from summer into winter is right around the corner. With fall starting next week, I just couldn’t help but buy at least one of the Essie polishes from their Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt collection. Okay, so I bought two…. today I’ll talk about “Partner in Crime”.

essie partner in crime swatch

Even though I’m not much for the rules such “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” or “pastels are reserved for summer”, I have nothing but love for a clean, rich and dark mani on a cool, autumn day. “Partner in Crime” by Essie is just that, a rich, deep, dark and beautiful color. When I first saw it, I sort of went “meh, boring”, but then I thought that I most certainly must be missing a deep brown color from my collection (my husband would beg to differ, he constantly tells me that most of my nail polishes look exactly the same, but then again… he’s a man and doesn’t know the difference between hot magenta and fuchsia).

Essie partner in crime swatch and review

“Partner in Crime” by Essie is a creamy, deep dark brown with rich mahogany undertones. In certain lighting it looks almost black, but it’s much less intimidating than “Licorice“. Natural, direct light (sunlight) brings out those deep mahogany notes out, and makes the shade appear a bit more red-brown. I absolutely love colors like this one, the formula is dreamy and opacity is just as amazing, two thin coats was all I needed and the finish was so glossy I almost didn’t have to use a top coat (I did apply it though, just for the sake of using it, hah!). “Partner in Crime” is simply a gorgeous, vampy and rich color which makes it an ideal nail polish for fall.

Do you love it as much as I do?

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  • Oooh, your nails look gorgeous! I totally agree with you, nothing beats a clean, deep coloured mani! I can’t believe it’s officially (almost) fall!! Perfect mani for the season and it looks fab! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    • I know! I can’t believe it myself, Summer just flew by, didn’t it? Thanks so much Love!

  • Yep, I love it! This is perfect for fall and winter and the mahogany undertones keeps it classy and not to gothy. No one will question this nail polish choice.
    Instagram: @embolannd

    • :) Thanks so much Emily!

  • I never would go for this color but I do really love it! It’s looking so pretty on your nails :)

  • Aw this color is amazing! Great post!

  • This is such a lovely colour! Dark shades really don’t suit my nails for some reason but this is beautiful!

    Charlotte x

    • Thanks Charlotte!

  • I definitely love it as much as you do!!! Such a beautiful color! I’m a huge fan of Essie. Most of my nail polishes are Essie, and I love all of their colors! These pics are really good. They show the color perfectly. I think I need you to paint my nails for me! Yours look perfect. <3


    • Aww thanks so much Christina, Essie polishes are my favorite too! Haha If you’re ever in the NY/NJ area, you need to stop by for a mani session :D

  • Firstly, how amazing are your nails?? Also, that colour is fab for A/W x

    • Thanks so much Josie! <3

  • This just takes new season glossiness to the next level! This is such a rich, glamorous power player Paula ;) The shine and dazzle is just awe-inducing but I love the simplicity, downbeat vibes it’s got going on. Almost like “partner in crime” is silently saying “I’m glamorous, glossy, yet chill” Do you know what? I’m talking utter rubbish and making no sense but I hope you sort of know what I’m trying to say :P Rocking it girl! Absolutely loving your perfect nails too, anything nail-related you post is always a major masterclass for me :) Love, love, LOVE! <3

    Sophie xo