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There are the Olsen twins, there (of course) is Gisele, stunning Kate Bosworth and-my personal favorite: Kate Moss. What do all these beauties have in common? They all have mastered the perfect bed-head hair.

Today’s post is a part of the “Own Your Bead Head” project held by Casper Sleep. I was asked to share some of my best tips for combating messy, morning hair. While I, sadly, cannot call myself an expert in the wide arena of hair styling, I did spend years admiring that sexy, tousled and timeless look that Kate Moss is always sporting (for those who may not be aware, I do have a bit of a Kate obsession, when I was a teen I had all four walls in my room taped with her pictures). Through years of trial and error, I have found products and techniques that work best for me when it comes to dealing with morning bed head hair. Today I’ll show you just how to get perfect bed-head hair.

So how exactly do I combat my morning “bed head” hair? The answer is simple: I embrace it. By doing so, I not only protect my hair from potential heat damage that can be caused by the use of hot tools, but I also save tons of time each morning when getting ready for the day.

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The whole process starts the night before. I wash my hair as usual, making sure to use a volumizing shampoo & conditioner (Sebastian Voulpt shampoo and conditioner is one of my favorite combos). I then towel-dry my hair and apply a bit of texturizing hair cream (I like Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing cream) and gently run my fingers through my hair (without actually “brushing” it, I avoid using a brush or a comb, just my fingers to allow the product to absorb a bit better). After my hair is about 75% dry, I put it up in a ballerina bun, securing it in place with a few pins. I usually try to avoid using hair ties, as they leave these “dents” in your hair and that, well.. isn’t very cute. My hair is fairly thick and a bit wavy on its own and keeping it a bun overnight creates these pretty, soft curls. Is your hair pin-straight and on a thin side? Try using a sea-salt spray prior to putting your hair up in a bun-it’ll help to create that extra texture and add volume to your hair. The next morning, I take out all the pins and gently let down my hair. While keeping my head upside down, I spray a little volumizing dry shampoo at the roots of my hair (I like Suave’s Moroccan Infusion Dry Shampoo). Taking one of my favorite hair product of all time (one that I spoke about countless times on my blog and in my videos) Oscar Blandi’s Texture & Volume hair spray, I spray it in my hair, concentrating on midshaft-down to the ends, while gently teasing my hair and twisting small sections with my fingers until I achieve a desired look. I think that texturizing spray is a must-have product when it comes to bed head hair, if a perfect, bed-head recipe did in fact exist, I’m sure that a texturizing hair spray would be one of the key ingredients. It’s just one of those hair products that pulls everything together to create a perfect, messy, undone, texturized and effortless look.

To sum up, here’s my little tutorial on how to rock your bed head hair (Kate Moss style ;) ).

how to get bed head hair tutorial

  1. Wash your hair using your favorite volumizing shampoo. Don’t brush your hair after washing it, but gently towel-dry it and apply a bit of a texturizing cream. Wait until it’s about 75% dry and put it up in a bun using hair pins (hair ties will leave indentations). If you have thin hair and/or stubborn straight hair that doesn’t curl easily, use a little sea salt spray in your hair.
  1. Next morning, release your bun and while holding your head upside down, spray a volumizing dry shampoo at the roots, gently massaging the product in.
  1. Using a texturizing hair spray, style each section of hair by gently teasing it at the roots and curling it around your fingers at the bottom.
  1. Remember that less is more, this rule is no exception when it comes to hair products, try not to overdo it to prevent product build-up in your hair-especially with dry shampoo, it can leave powder-like residue if you use too much or apply it too closely to your scalp.
  1. If desired, finish off with a few spritz of medium-hold hair spray. Remember that you can use the exact same technique on dry, second-day hair. Instead of the texturizing cream (which is supposed to be applied on damp hair) use a texturizing spray or powder in your hair prior to putting it up in a bun.

I hope that all of my fellow beauty lovers enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you have any other tips for battling that morning, messy bed head hair, I’d love to try new products and/or techniques. Happy Tuesday!

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