Japanese In-Shower Tool I Can’t Live Without (and you probably won’t either, once you try it)

This, right here, is a serious game-changer.

I don’t know about you, but I HAVE to exfoliate when taking a shower, every single day. Your skin sheds about 30,000-40,000 skin cells every hour. You’re pretty much constantly shedding. Gross, I know. But hey, your skin is an amazing organ that protects and regulates your body. Still, you shouldn’t keep those dead skin cells hanging around.

Once upon a time, I used loofahs and sponges in the shower. BUT, I had one big issue with them- I had to use a new one every single week. Shower environment- which is nice, moist and humid- is a perfect environment for bacteria. Every time you use your loofah and leave it in the shower, you’re basically allowing bacteria to grow and feed on those dead skin cells that got caught in your loofah/sponge. Then, the next day you hop in the shower and use it again, to wash and exfoliate your skin. Except that what you’re doing, is scrubbing your skin with that bacteria-infested sponge.

You could make sure that you don’t keep your loofah/washcloth/sponge in the shower and keep it completely dry between showers. Or, you can do what I did, and forget them altogether.


So… what is it?

I know that I’ve already talked about this little cloth here on the blog back in my YouTube days, but many of you weren’t around back then. So, let me introduce you to SaluxSalux is a cloth that I’ve been using in my shower for almost 10 years now and I’m never going back to using anything else. These cloths are made in Japan and are made up of 60% nylon and 40% polyester. They’re light, thin and about 35 inches (nearly 90cm) long, cost about 7 bucks and they’re basically my secret to a soft, smooth skin that’s free of any in-grown hairs.

Why do I love it?

First off, these are a lot more sanitary than any loofahs or sponges. They dry very quickly and do not harbor bacteria. Second, these cloths are pure magic and you basically need one in your shower life. You put a little soap or body wash on your cloth, lather it up and exfoliate your entire body. Because this cloth is so long, you can easily stretch it across your back and use it to scrub down your entire back, all he way down to your feet. Even if you’re being very gentle, you will still be exfoliating your skin- no need to be too harsh, because of the Salux cloth’s texture, you can just let it do the job.

Another cool thing about these Salux cloths is that you can also use them dry- in place of a dry brush. I love doing this on my legs before I hop in the shower and shave them- they always feel extra soft and smooth. If you’re prone to ingrown hair, you can also exfoliate your legs in the shower, before shaving them and follow up with an AHA body lotion like this one. One of my all-time favorite ways to use the Salux cloth though is with coconut oil. When I don’t have enough time to make my own body scrub. I apply coconut oil all over my body, and gently scrub my skin with this cloth, doing it in a circular motion. Once you wash it off and dry your skin you’ll have softest. skin. ever. Promise. I like to keep a separate Salux just for that.

The last thing to love about these cloths is that they dry in a heartbeat and are very easy to care for. I just put them in a lingerie bag and wash them with my towels. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a dryer though. Truth is, they come out pretty much dry out of the washer. They also don’t lose their texture even after multiple washes.



Buy fake ones. There are a lot of places that sell knock-offs of these and they’re just not the same. I bought them on eBay once and while they looked identical in the pictures, the product I received wasn’t the real thing. Get them from Amazon right here. You can also get them directly from their website right here. Best 7 bucks you’ll ever spend. I guarantee it.

Also… do not use these on your face. Just don’t. While they’re great to use on your body, they’re way too harsh for the delicate skin on your pretty face.

So, in short conclusion, these are magic, super affordable, long-lasting and you totally need one.