Budget Beauty: Studio 35 AHA Cream

Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream ReviewsToday I have yet another, AMAZING budget find for you guys: Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream.

I love using products that contain Glycolic Acid. They work great with my skin, help with post acne hyper-pigmentation, repair my skin’s texture, tone and always leave it feeling nice and smooth.  I’ve been using Acne.org AHA+ (Glycolic Acid 10%) for quite a while and I’ve been loving the results. Few weeks a go I was at Walgreens and came across this Studio 35 Alpha Hydroxy Acid (8%). It promises to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and even out the skin tone. I picked it up in hopes of it being a more affordable alternative to Acne.org’s AHA+ (which, in my opinion is one of the best AHA products on the market, and I’ve tested tons of them). As soon as I got home I got in front of the computer to read a few reviews (which I probably should have done BEFORE buying this, but you know…. girl logic) and could not find a single, bad review.

Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream Reviews

Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream contains 8% Glycolic Acid, as compared to Acne.org’s 10%, but the results are quite comparable. One thing that I love about this AHA cream, is its consistency. It’s a thick cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. I apply a thick layer every other night and always wake up with my skin looking bright and feeling supple. On days when my skin feels extremely dry, I top this off with a very thin layer of vaseline (I know, sounds crazy, but trust me, works wonders). Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream is fragrance free and does tingle a bit when first applied. Pretty much all AHA products that I have tried have that “tingle” effect, but I have to say that some of them tend to sting, rather than tingle. The Studio 35 Beauty AHA cream is very gentle and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it’s on fire.

I don’t have any wrinkles on my face just yet, but I can imagine that this works great for mature skin as well as it’s great at repairing skin’s texture. After spending tons of money on ridiculously expensive creams, lotions and serums, it’s great to finally find something that helps fade the hyper-pigmentation, and at an awesome price, too! This being a product distributed by Walgreens, it’s best to look for it at one of their locations. I also found that few places sell this online, but at almost double the price (I paid $9.00  for a big 4 oz jar at Walgreens, amazon sells this stuff for around $20.00, it’s a big difference in price, so check your local Walgreens before ordering online).


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