Summer Beauty Essentials

This summer is a first one I’m experiencing with acne-free skin- and I have to say that going makeup-free never felt this good. These ridiculously high temperatures mean that I actually stay away from makeup on most days, but some things (like mascara, or a bit of a bronzer) I just can’t say “no” to.

Coola’s BB Cream in Light/Medium is an ideal product for those no-makeup days. It’s incredibly hydrating, has SPF30, very lightweight and gives minimal coverage- my dry skin loves this stuff, not sure how it’d work with oily skin types, as it does add quite a bit of a *glow* to skin. Another base product that I love is IT Cosmetic’s CC + Cream– this is actually closer to a medium/full coverage, so I only use a very small amount, just enough to even out my skin tone.

As someone who usually stays out of the sun, I do reach for self-tanners during summer. I don’t use them on regular basis though- usually, just for special occasions or when I know, I’ll be showing some skin. I used to be a bit self-conscious about my super-pale skin, but the older I get, the less I care, to be honest. St. Tropez products have always been a favorite (especially the mousse) because they always look very natural, once the color develops. Currently, I’m using a newer product- the Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist*. Love the color that it gives and that I can control the depth of my tan with the mist- all you need is one hour before a shower to add a subtle glow to your skin. I find that I still have to use a mitt to blend the product in, so it’s not like I can just spray and go, but I think it’s a bit easier to use than the mousse. Another thing is that the range of the spray is a bit wide, so I definitely recommend applying this in a shower, to avoid spraying the product on your walls and/or floor. Still, like I said, I find this mist to work faster and easier to apply.

One product that I do use every single spring/summer, is also Jergens BB Body Cream for Light Skin Tones– it’s so good at hydrating, but also slightly evening the skin tone.

I also almost never apply any self-tanning products on my face, but made an exception for St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Sheet Mask.* All I needed was 5-minutes with this one. Love the concept and the natural color it gives- you just have to remember to massage the excess product into places like your hairline and neck. I think that self-tanning can be a messy process, which is why it’s not something I do on weekly basis. Still, I’d rather reach for products like these, than be out in the sun.

Ouai Wave Spray– I already talked about this spray so many times and it’s been one of the only hair-styling products I’ve used this summer. Hands down, one the best wave products I’ve used and makes styling my hair an easy and painless process. Yes, it does feel mega sticky when first applied, but it works like magic.

Palermo Coffee + Lemon Body Scrub*– this stuff is incredible. Not only is it great at exfoliating your skin, it leaves it feeling nourished and moisturized, so there’s no need for any lotions. I love using it 24 hours before applying any self-tan products, but also when my skin needs a little pick-me up (the coffee scent is incredible, too). This scrub is formulated with all natural ingredients like coconut oil, raw sugar, shea butter and vitamin E. It comes in a beautiful, glass jar; all Palermo Body products are also hand-made in small batches, which I think is pretty awesome.

Soapwalla The Balm* I’ve only been using this for about a week or so, and, I’m in love. It’s one of those products that can be used all over- your face, body, nails, hair. I love using it on my face, especially at nighttime, after toning; the texture is so unique and while at first, it might seem a bit greasy/slippery, it actually does absorb beautifully. My skin is still quite dry from Accutane (which, trust me, I am not complaining about- I’ll take dry over extremely oily, any day) and this brings instant relief to my skin. This concentrated balm is formulated with amazing ingredients like moringa and prickly pear. This is probably one of my favorite clean beauty products I’ve used in a while.

Colorescience Beauty On The Go Palette*– this is a great little multitasker that can be used all over face and eyes. I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to eye-makeup- usually sticking to cream shadows because they’re so easy to use, but the shades in this palette are so easy to work with and they have a beautiful finish.

What are some of your beauty essentials this summer? How are you dealing with this heat?!

PS. Thank you SO much to all of you who reached out to me in the recent days. I know I’ve been a little MIA- my back injury makes it nearly impossible to take photos or sit at a desk for too long- I’m working on getting better though. I guess one of the few good things about all this, is that I’ve had a lot of time to test a bunch of new skincare products- it’s one of the very few things I get to do to entertain myself these days :) .

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