Super green smoothie-easy & healthy

ingredients for a healthy green smoothieToday I bring you a super healthy and super delicious smoothie recipe!

What you will need:

a bunch of baby kale (about 2 cups)

a bunch of spinach (also about 2 cups)

one banana

few strawberries (depending on how sweet you want your smoothie, if you want it to be more sweet, add more strawberries, they can be both fresh or frozen,  no need to remove the stems, they’re edible)

about a cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)

about a cup of almond milk (add more, if you like your smoothies more “watery”; I no longer use “regular” milk because my skin is really sensitive to it, almond milk is my new best friend- the particular brand that I use “Almond Breeze” contains no diary or soy)

Place all the ingredients into a blender (adding some ice) and blend until smooth.

almond breeze almondmilk

green smoothie easy and healthyI usually add about a half cup of ice (if you are using frozen veggies/fruit, you do not need to add ice).

healthy green smoothie

The smoothie comes out looking really green (some may call it gross), but it’s absolutely delicious, you cannot taste any of the spinach or kale.

Another tip: if you have any greens or fruit (such as spinach or berries) that are about to go bad, freeze them in zip-lock bags and just mix them in your blender  whenever you want to enjoy a nice, healthy snack. I don’t like wasting veggies or fruit (especially organic ones, which we all know can be quite pricey) so freezing and saving them for smoothies is an awesome alternative to throwing them away!

Let me know what other healthy recipes you’d like to see ;)

Paula xxx

easy green smoothie

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